Koh Samui, Thailand

A combination of rich heritage, strict norms, cultural beauty and diverse natural attractions make Koh Samui Island one of the significant tourist attractions in the world. Koh Samui Island has a long history that begins from when it became a settlement one thousand and five hundred years ago. Samui was occupied by native Thai people who used to rely on fishing as their major source of living. They were also traders and often traded with the Chinese for the Chinese items such as the Chinese ceramics and artistic textiles. Currently, Koh Samui is a territory of Thailand and is part of Ang Thong National Marine Park, which consists of eighty islands close to Thailand in the Indian Ocean. The Lamia, Chaweng, Bophut, Choengmon, and Big Buddha beaches are beach points in Koh Samui Island that any tourist would desire to travel and have fun at. The beaches grounds are covered with white sand fed by the sea. The climate is ever sunny and pleasant to enjoy your holidays. There are beautiful lagoons and corals that complete the magnificent beach appearance with the surrounding high coconut trees.
The Indian Ocean sways in and out of the beach with its lavish blue crystal waters. The beaches are lively spots to enjoy varieties of water sports and view the colorful majestic sea creatures by in the Indian Ocean at the snorkel centers of the Island. Enjoy surfing along the Indian Ocean waves and sunbath under the hot sun. Tourists can also apply for boat trips to visit other neighboring islands within the marine park.
There are nature trips that guide you into the island to find majestic natural features, plant species and animal species in the national parks. The Namuang Waterfalls that are south of Nathon are a spectacular view with large volumes of ever-flowing water falling from a cliff. The forests reveal different species of beautiful birds filling the fresh air with musical sounds.
The butterfly garden opens up the world of various species of butterflies and help visitors to the garden to get to understand the butterflies and their importance to nature. Find various kinds of snakes from the smallest tricky green mambas to the biggest species of the python. The Samui Aquarium shows the varieties of fish and other aquatic creatures that can be found in the surrounding Indian Ocean, just in case you never had a chance to snorkel or scuba dive into the Indian Ocean. There are cultural sites to visit especially the Swadee Shrine, Magic Buddha Garden, and the fifteen meters tall statue of the Buddha Lord.
Accommodation facilities are abundant. They range from heritage villas, fine restaurants to the exotic beach resorts. Villas can be bought by foreigners in case they are planning to be moving into the island much often for holidays. Some hotels offer traditional Thai dances to entertain tourists. Swimming pools are gorgeous and the unique cuisines provided are enough as a meal to enjoy. Enjoy clubbing in the nearby clubs till dawn.