Ankara, Turkey

The capital of Turkey, Ankara, is situated in the center of the Anatolia province. The big airport and the new bus station together with the wide network of highways make Ankara easily accessible and at the same time a point from where you can reach almost anyplace in Turkey. Ankara is one of the many popular travel destinations in beautiful Turkey. Some so many tourists visit this amazing city and most of them are leaving this place with amazing memories. 
At first sight, this city of 4.5 million people, strikes you as an educational and military center because of all the students and uniformed officials you encounter. Even though people tend to visit mostly for business purposes, Ankara begins to gain ground in tourism. More and more tourists are willing to stop by and stay for a day or two. This city has more than enough to offer to its visitors.
You will not run out of options while planning your visit. There are organized tours around the city on a daily bases which are very popular among tourists. If you decide to be your guide, here is a little agenda that could make your stay pleasant. Start the day with a visit to some of the museums. Museum of Anatolian Civilization displays exhibits from all the periods and the Ataturk Mausoleum will help you understand how Turkey developed into a modern European country. This is also the resting place of Kemal Ataturk. After you have learned a little bit about Turkish History, climb the citadel to get at least a glance of the stunning view.
Wander around the historical parts of the city and enjoy the sight of the traditional Turkish houses. You will be surprised when you find the true work of art in some of the buildings. The Alaaddin Mosque is a perfect example. You can even try to strike a bargain with sellers in the numerous shops and bazaars. In the evening go to a restaurant and add up to what you have experienced by tasting the extravagant Turkish cuisine. You must try the ‘doner kebap’ with a glass of cold beer. If you do not get tired easily, you can continue to one of the night clubs. Whatever you choose to do, the chances of getting bored are slight.
For moving around Ankara you will be comfortable with public transportation. you have more than one option here: a metro, railway, and buses. Taxis are more expensive and even though you can negotiate the price, try to insist on the taximeter being turned on. If you decide to go on foot, do not rely on traffic signs only and be aware of approaching vehicles at all times. Crime rates negligible, but you should be stay alert and keep a good eye on your wallet.
In addition to the beautiful places, you will also discover hotels and restaurants are rather cheap in comparison with Istanbul and the south coast where all the famous resorts are. So, if you are on a longer trip, you can settle here unconcerned about high costs. Ankara is one of those places which can intrigue you with the mysticism of the Eastern culture, but at the same time it will make you feel convenient as it keeps the appearance of a modern Western metropolis.