Hokkaido, Japan

One of the best travel destinations in Japan is Hokkaido. This tourist place is surrounded by sea from all its sides. It is located in the country’s northern extremity. The total area of the Hokkaido¬†island’s land is accounting for more than 22 % of Japan’s land area. This makes it one of the biggest islands in Japan. The tourism conditions in Hokkaido are great. The summers are very nice because of the low humidity, and many tourists are visiting this beautiful country. During the winter there are good offers in the winter resorts around the country, and you can enjoy winter sports. Not only during the winter or summer, but this island is getting more popular tourist destination during all four seasons.
Hokkaido is very famous for its festivals that are going on every year. This island boasts of over 1,250 festivals going on during all the seasons in the year. Hokkaido is offering so many different types of tourist attractions. This island is also known as a great natural destination.
Some of the best natural attractions are: Daisetsu zan National Park, the park that creates the roof of Hokkaido, there is also the so-called home to the Japanese cranes and many other cute little creatures – Kushiro Marsh. The most attractive events during the winter are the Sapporo Snow Festival and the Festival called Monbetsu Ice Floes. There are so many sports and cultural events going on at those two festivals.
There are plenty of other tourist attractions going on on these islands. For those who love nature we recommend the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. This park is full of volcanoes and lakes that are creating amazing landscapes. You don’t want to miss the Noboritbetsy- onsen, the place with many hot springs, where you can relax in a leisure baths and find a getaway place. During the summer one of the most famous and visited attractions is the Furano Lavender Festival. At this festival, you can see the flowers at their best and enjoy all the colors on the farms at Furano.
There are some not so good statistics about this place. If you decide to go there, this is something you should be careful about. Hokkaido has the worst fatality rate for traffic accidents in Japan. This is a place with wide-open roads where drivers are not obeying the speed limit signs and are driving above the speed limits. This, in many cases has been catastrophic.
Not only the open wide roads, but many farm roads are not in a good shape, lots of them are poorly marked with missing road signs, local people are driving extremely fast, there are no shoulders for riding bikes, which is a reason for many fatal car accidents in the summer. You should also take a good look at driving at those roads and be aware of farm vehicles that are all over the place and getting out of nowhere with no warning.
One of the most interesting attractions in Hokkaido is the flower parks. You will see so many different types of flowers in so many different colors. These places are mostly visited by tourists during the festivals that are going on during the year, but are also visited during the weekends. The types of flowers that you will see there vary, depending on the season you are going there. The best places for viewing flowers are Furano and Biei. There are even special trains going on a tour only for tourists to be able to see all the flowers. The best time to visit this flower farms is during the summer June to August, and one of the best farms for flowers is the Farm Tomita.
If you ever travel to Japan, Hokkaido is the island you should not miss to visit. This travel destination is located in the northern part of Japan, which is near Russia and has its coastlines on the Japanese Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Pacific Ocean. In the middle of Hokkaido, you will see lots of volcanic plateaus and a lot of mountains. The most famous cities are Asahikawa and Sapporo, which are the main tourist attractions on the island. In general, this is an interesting tourist destination which deserves to be visited.
Going to Hokkaido will not cost you so much if you don’t come from very far and your flight ticket is expensive. Other costs are reasonable and you will not have to spend a fortune to have a good time here. Accommodation in Hokkaido is on a high level. There are plenty of hotels offering good quality at a low price which will make your stay not so expensive when the accommodation is in question. The national cuisine is very popular on the island, and restaurants are serving all kinds of local food.
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