Formentera, Spain

Sunny, unique and unspoiled Formentera is a small island and it is south of the Balearic Island in Spain. Formentera it’s a peaceful island with no airport, it’s a simple island of sunshine, beaches, and at times solitude. This island it’s a better place to relax and enjoy yourself even from Ibiza, its really quiet place. The population of Formentera it’s over 7000, the majority of the population are Italian and most of them speak Italian. Formentera tourism has been rapidly growing the number of tourist arrivals, the peak season of this island is overflowed with tourists, some are independent travelers but most are coming on package holidays, also beach tourists are attracted by the nature of the beaches and the climatic conditions as well. This environment guarantees relaxation and recreation. 
Most of the hotels in Formentera are small friendly hostels with one and two-star categories perfect for peaceful holidays, they are hotels that know just how to make your holiday special without any explanations from you. You cant camping on this island it’s forbidden, all you can do is to book on some of the hotels and you could laze away your holiday surrounded by calm, natural beauty, Formentera island it’s perfect for sailing, diving, cycling, snorkeling and walking across the sandy beaches.
For a small island Formentera has a long history, also it has cultural and historical attractions museums, beautiful castles, churches from 17th century and art galleries. Most popular attractions are the 18th century chapel of Saint Francesc Xavier, some watch-towers, megalithic sites, a small Ethnological museum, and a Roman road.
Cap de Barbara and Far de la Mola are two the most beautiful areas on the island, the one is on the island’s western side and the other one is on the eastern side. What better place to relax and enjoy yourself than the romantic dunes that adorn this island, these two plateaus are surrounded with white powder beaches and dunes on both sides. When we talk about a few popular beaches in the world we mean it on Es Trucadors in Formentera. Es Trucadors is a neighboring island with the island of Esplamador, and it is surrounded by blindingly white beaches and crystalline blue water of the ocean of either side. 
The Formentera wall lizard, Podarcis pityusensis is a very special emblem, it is something that is a most important reptile that lives on the Formentera island because there are over 30 kinds of this type of lizard and every one of them is with slightly different coloring depending on where they are from, they live everywhere and you might see them mostly on the rock walls, scurrying and hiding among the dunes, between rosemary and thistle that is scattered throughout the island. Local inhabitants called lizards-Argentina, and every tourist who is coming here bought souvenirs like T-shirts or ceramic pieces with pictures and logos of these amazing creatures. 
Do you want to enjoy the privacy and intimacy of a secluded, natural setting and a warm inviting atmosphere, where the sunsets are spectacular, but not to spend a lot of money like on an expensive holiday to the Caribbean? The Formentera offers you the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches to make your holiday memories that will last a lifetime! Come and enjoy on this Mediterranean island who is only 2 hours away from the major European airports. 
This environment guarantees relaxation and recreation, here are coming people who want to enjoy on this wonderful, small and peaceful island, pecks of emerald green enveloped by dazzling turquoise waters like scattered beads in the sea, white powdery beaches, crystalline white sands giving way to crystal clear waters, shades of turquoise blend flawlessly with deeper hues of blue. Tourists are so excited about this island, not only of the natural beauty but also they are content from a simple, healthy lifestyle as cycling or walking along the excellent cycle paths and well-marked hiking trails.
Let us be your guide to the natural, simple beauty of Formentera island, use our photos, maps to show you where are the most beautiful villages, places worth to visit like Es Pujols or the Ferry harbor La Savina, amazing beaches with white sand and blue water and wonderful countryside. Feel the beauty of Formentera, paradise fulfilled with happiness, peace, and harmony- a real natural balsam for your soul and spirit.
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