Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a stopover for amazing beauty, thrilling beaches, and one of the largest entertainment centers in South America. Buenos is the proud capital city of the famous nation of Argentina. It has been the main gateway into Argentina through its major international airport called Ezeiza International Airport. Spanish language is the official and most spoken language in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires has a wide variety of attractions including the wildlife pride that boasts the zoo and botanical gardens within the Buenos Aires region. Attractions in Buenos Aires include:
The Buenos Aires Zoo is a large collection of species of animals of different kinds. There are hundreds of animal species, more than a hundred bird species, and roughly fifty reptile species. This is the best place in Argentina to meet with the pure wildlife of Argentina after you have arrived in Buenos Aires. Tourists visiting this park can interact with the animals by feeding them. Botanical Gardens in Buenos are the centers for different plant species waiting to be discovered. In the gardens, visitors get to witness some rare species of plants and know how the plants are healthily nurtured and grown in the huge greenhouses.
Teatro Colon Theatre is the largest theater in South America. It airs several artistic performances. It is now more than a century old with historical events within this theater that make it an important heritage center in Argentina that continues to operate even to date. The architecture of this theater is an amazing Italian style that easily attracts many visitors to the theater. The theaters can cater for at least two thousand people in its auditorium.
The Casa de Cultura building is a historic structure that is preserved in honor of the famous brand of newspaper, La Prensa. The structure is grey and made of granite material. Palacio de Gobierno was once a palace but has been converted into Buenos Aires’ City Hall for use by every city’s mayor. It is the center of managing all issues concerning the city.
La Casa Rosada is a famous ancient structure in Buenos Aires. La Casa Rosada is currently the residential place for the president of Argentina. However the premises was established in the sixteenth century but have undergone several renovations over the years till recently when its outer appearance was given a pink touch this the building is known as the pink house. La Casa Rosada has a museum within it that showcases several artifacts from different parts of Argentina. This long-lived palace is an amazing place to have a chance to get close to the actual president’s residence.
Buenos Aires has nice white sandy beaches where many people get to rest under the hot sun, dive and swim in the cool ocean, surfing and sailing in the ocean. Tourists can also get a chance to see the beautiful aquatic life within the coastal waters at the diving sites.
Accommodation facilities are available in the city and at the beach. There are several exotic hotels, villas, holiday houses and apartments open for offer to visitors visiting the Buenos Aires City. Their hospitality is highly recommended, with special delicious Argentina cuisine and nice relaxation treatments like the nice spa centers.
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