Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is a country popular for its richness in its traditional culture, diversified natural beauty, and varieties of rare Scottish animal and plant species found in its region. Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is a special place to socialize, enjoy high hitting festivals, and free ride on a bicycle ride through well-established cycle routes. Edinburg is globally famous for its festivities, highly regarded cycling transport, its richness in culture, and varieties of attractions naturally thriving in its region.
Edinburgh was originally a small town surrounded by a protective wall and had been occupied since the seventeenth century. The title Edinburgh is believed to have originated from Edwin of Deira who put up the rock castle in the city during the early seventeenth century.
Edinburgh city has various attraction sites waiting to be seen by its visitors. Edinburgh itself is a beauty by being the unique city that promotes cycling transport by establishing stable cycling routes for is residents to use away from the movement of cars. This is a common means of transport that residents are never afraid of showing up with a bicycle in town regardless of their age, occupation, or gender.
It is believed that residents in this town rely on cycling transport because it saves time by evading mechanical break downs or road jams of vehicle, and is also healthy because it is a good form of bodily exercise that can put the human body in good shape. Other stunning sites are the Edinburgh Castle, the Camera Obscura, Royal Yacht, the Petland Hills, and the Union Canal. The National Museum of Scotland along Chambers Street houses a wide variety of ancient cultural equipment, pre-historic items from different archaeological sites in Scotland, and the significant history of Scotland and Edinburgh City itself.
View beautiful varieties of birds at the Scottish Seabird Center. The stunning plantations of the park gardens like the Royal Botanic Gardens at Inverl within Edinburgh and the Meadows locates south of the Old Edinburgh City provide a comfortable, lively serene to hang around, see the unique plant species enacted in the gardens and hold a picnic with your loved ones.
There are plenty of activities to enjoy while touring Edinburgh city. You can walk along the coast, dive and swim in the sea, ride on a powerboat, and surf along the blowing sea waves. Snorkeling is also available to enable you to view the marine diversity and beauty of the sea. Take nature walks along the Petland Hills and nature parks of Edinburgh. Watch rugby games and participate in the famous Hogmanay festivities in Edinburgh.
Involve yourself in guided tours around the city to familiarize yourself with the Scotland culture and the city. Shopping centers are available for tourists to shop the trending items at affordable prices. You can as well treat yourself to the fine restaurants for exotic, unique, tasty cuisines that are products of Scotland’s culture. Accommodation facilities are abundant ranging from the high-quality restaurants, lodges, and spectacular beach resorts to dine in and spend nights for more days of adventure in Edinburgh City.