Kaikoura, New Zealand

The small coastal town of Kaikoura is found on Pacific Ocean or east coast of South Island in New Zealand. The town is tucked somewhere half way between Blenheim and Christ Church and being a coastal town, it is highly popular among the locals and international travelers due to its sea food. In Maori, the word kai translates to ‘eat’ while koura means ‘crayfish’ or rock lobster. So in other words, Kaikoura is known as the best place for eating crayfish. The ocean around and near Kaikoura is very reach in great sea life and also attracts whales, seals and even humans to enjoy the livelihood provided by these waters. Most travelers associate Kaikoura with USA east coast beach town.
At the town edges, you will be thrilled with the nature oriented and more relaxed activities that aims at keeping you busy throughout your vacation. Kaikoura has a rich history and the Maori people settled here even long before New Zealand was colonized by Europeans. During this time, cultivation was the main activity taking place here and kumera, a kind of sweet potato was widely grown here. Kaikoura peninsula was discovered by captain cook in 1770 and he thought it was an island by then. Kaikoura is reputed as the best place for enjoying the great wonders of the majestic, tall mountains and the magnificent and beautiful Pacific Ocean. 
The small Kaikoura Airport is used for ferrying travelers to this area. Kaikoura is along Alpine Pacific Triangle tour route that links the top three recreational destinations in New Zealand which include Kaikoura, the wine region of Waipara Valley and Hanmer Springs. You will enjoy a pleasant and easy drive as you enjoy the local attractions in the area. Kaikoura doesn’t have a lot to see but it is still worthy visiting nevertheless. 
You will in particular be very thrilled to see the Sperm Whales, New Zealand fur seals, dolphins and wandering albatross. Also, depending in season, there is also a possibility of seeing the migration of humpback whales, blue whales, southern right whales and pilot whales in the area. Kaikoura is also known to host the largest dolphin in the world, the Orca. In addition, it is also home to the rarest and smallest dolphin in the world known as the Hector’s. 
Kaikoura also has a big concentration and a large variety of seabirds found on New Zealand mainland including albatross, petrels and shearwater. There are many things to do in Kaikoura including whale watching, surfing, going for a fishing trip, kayaking with dolphins and seals, swimming with seals, swimming with dolphins and going for the Kaikoura wilderness walks. Eating crayfish is something that you shouldn’t miss in Kaikoura and they are always fresh all the time and you don’t have to worry about frozen ones. After most travelers are done touring Kaikoura, most of them prefer travelling north on their way out to Kekerengu store where they get to eat. There are great restaurants available in this area and justifies why you should get out through this route. 

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