Gearhart, Oregon – Things to do

If you are planning to indulge in fun activities along the seaside, then why not travel to Gearhart. This quaint town is located in the state of Oregon on the northern coast. Being a lovely town, it is just three miles away from north of Seaside in Gearhart. It is filled with attractions and activities meant for all ages. You need to identify your specific accommodation requirements before booking Gearhart Vacation Rental for your stay.

Things to do during the trip

  • Catch dinner: The local beaches here are favorite spots to catch sturgeon, salmon or razor clams in winter and fall. To know about license, limits and other related aspects, contact the Oregon Wildlife & Fish Department.
  • Golf: Gearhart has two popular public golf courses, namely, Highlands Golf Course and Gearhart Golf Links. The latter is considered to be an 18 hole course established in 1892. It is also Northwest’s oldest golf course, located about 3 blocks away from Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, Highland Golf Course can be stated to be an executive length, 9 hole course. It does offer a challenging and fun-filled golfing experience. The public can access both the courses. No maintenance or membership fees are charged here. Select a Northern Oregon accommodation that is close to the important sight scenes, thus saving time and energy.

  • Hike: Several parks are present here in Gearhat area allowing you to enjoy scenic hikes. The local parks offer myriad nature trails like Oswald West State Park, Fort Stevens State Park and Ecola State Park. The friendly staffs at Gearhart Vacation Rental can provide you detailed information on where to travel.
  • Shopping: Gearhart’s charming center is quite ideal to browse through the collections offered at the different shops here. Commercialization has not yet affected the mom and pop stores here. You can visit the art gallery, old-fashioned grocery store, garden and home shops as well as antique shops. You can get proper directions from the knowledgeable staffs at Northern Oregon accommodation.

  • Kayaking: Oregon’s northern coast is home to some amazing kayaking spots. It ranges from scenic bays to inlets, rivers to open oceans. Seaside’s Broadway Park provides access to kayaking sessions in Neawanna River. The other places to be are Nehalem Bay and Nehalem River. Gearhart Vacation Rental provides access to several interesting activities in this region.
  • Beach: Del Rey Beach is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the warm sun as well as breathe in fresh ocean air. You can go surfing, fly a kite or take a stroll at this primitive, gorgeous beach.
  • Whale watching: You can get to watch gray whales during spring and winter season, migrating along Gearhart coast region. Ecola State Park is a great spot to whales in its natural habitats. Trained volunteers are present during the peak season from 10am-1pm to assist visitors by providing information concerning their migration.

Booking a cozy Northern Oregon accommodation allows you to get fully relaxed and be fresh enough to explore the region and its bounties.

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