Best time to visit Barbados

You may have finally decided to take your family to Barbados this year. But the question is ‘when is the right time to travel to this region?’ This Caribbean island is one of the most sought over tourist spots in the world and also a favorite place for honeymooners. This is because of the presence of huge luxurious resorts, several award-wining beaches, sweet and spicy cuisine and affordable Barbados Holiday Homes.

About Barbados and its culture

Besides the beach, you can explore the sugarcane fields and Colonial towns. Also are present unique attractions such as Harrison’s Caves. These are underground limestone stalactites network having natural pools. This region claims to have strong British influence. Hence, you can get to see elegant old houses, locals enjoying afternoon tea on their terraces and playing cricket matches. Numerous festivals are celebrated here throughout the year. It includes the Crop Over Festival, Holetown Festival that you can enjoy with the locals. If you have decided to visit Barbados, then do check out the deals offered on Barbados Accommodation.

Best time for vacation at Barbados

The right time to visit this place with your family is between the month of December and April. This sun drenched region experiences dry weather during this time of the year allowing you to cover all your activities in your itinerary. Temperatures are equally balmy, being approximately 30 degrees on an average. Barbados Holiday Homes are quite affordable and is sure to offer a home-away-from experience.

Dry season in Barbados

The dry season here is from December to April. During this time, you can get to see cloudless blue skies, lots of sunshine and warm dry temperatures. It is also a wonderful place to escape from the chilly, snowy weather back home during winter. Barbados has some of the best beaches in the world. It includes the award winning Silver Sands and Crane Beach. You can indulge in activities such as jet skiing and catamaran cruises. These are best enjoyed during dry seasons. Booking Barbados Accommodation in advance will ensure you do not have to compromise on your family’s comfort.

January is the peak holiday season here that witnesses tourists coming from various parts of the world in thousands. It will be wise to stay around Sandy Lane. It will provide you with the opportunity to spot some celebrities who visit during the vacation. Barbados Holiday Homes are well designed and spacious rooms, thus providing maximum comfort.

Rainy Season in Barbados

Barbados rainy season is between June and November. But rain here is not an all-day affair here. Rather, the showers experienced are sharp and short, followed by sunny, hot day. Usually, rain occurs during mid-afternoon, allowing you to play your tour around potential showers. Barbados Accommodation

The official hurricane season in this region starts in June while ending in October month. Hurricanes are experienced more in September and October because of higher sea temperatures. Besides the sand, sea and sun, this place also boasts about well-maintained Barbados Accommodation rentals.