Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach is considered to be the most popular and the largest beach present in the western part of Cayman Islands. You are sure to find several condo complexes, Grand Cayman Accommodation and hotels dotting along this beach. Tourists mostly prefer to stay here. This beach is approximately six miles long and offers plenty of activities to indulge in.

Is it possible to snorkel from the shore?

Most areas lack in good snorkelling. Also, not much fish or coral is present directly off-shore. But along the beach, you can find several good snorkel spots and comfortable Grand Cayman Accommodation.

Which part is considered to be the best?

The beach’s middle to north end is considered to be the best as there is plenty of sand here. On going further north, the beach gets wider. The southern part is less wide. You should visit Cemetery Beach if you plan to simply relax and watch others enjoy their water-based activities. This beach is a part of the 7 Mile Beach, with good snorkeling and not too busy like the other spots. You may browse through different websites to find out information about Grand Cayman Vacation Rental and their location.

If you seek more facilities like restrooms, restaurant and bar, then you should check out the resorts located here. You may use their beach and facilities even if you don’t plan to stay there. If looking for budgeted options, then Grand Cayman Accommodation do make a great choice. You also have the option to prepare your own food at the kitchen there, especially if you are health and money conscious.

Activities to indulge at Seven Mile Beach

You may take part in different types of activities at the Seven Mile Beach. You may walk the entire beach stretch of six miles as it is easily accessible. This is best done either early morning or during sunset. You may even relax at any of the cozy beach-side bars. You may even snorkel at some areas along the beach or rent a wave runner (Jet Ski). You may ask for suggestions and directions from the friendly staffs at Grand Cayman Vacation Rental.

Is the beach safe for tourists of women?

Yes, it is quite safe for men, women and children alike. Perhaps, it is considered to be Caribbean’s safest beach! There is no worry of criminal activities in the region. But still, you need to take adequate precaution and avoid carrying along valuable possessions during the trip. It is equally not to leave them behind at the room unattended. Hence, go through the reviews put up by other travelers before you finalize the Grand Cayman Accommodation.

Beach length

This beach is approximately six miles long. To cover the entire distance by foot takes around two hours.

Is it possible for Cruise ship passengers to visit this beach?

Yes! From George Town’s cruise ship port, passengers may avail a taxi to reach this beach. It takes just about 10 minutes to travel. They may rely on the taxi driver to reach the best spot in the beach.

Grand Cayman Vacation Rental provides all facilities that are required to have a decent stay.