Private Jet Travelling

Many people want to know which is the better option – having their own private jet or going for private jet rental. Those who want to own a jet have to invest a huge amount of money. Moreover, if an individual flies less than 300 hours in a year, investing in their own private jet is not worth it. Whenever he/she requires a private jet for his/her travel he/she can very well charter a plane. Those who spend 150 – 250 hours in the air annually will be comfortable with a rented private jet. Only very rich people could afford private jet flying in the past. Thanks to the availability of rented private jets, today private jet flying is much less expensive.

Cost of rented private jet

Depending on the type of aircraft the cost of hiring a private jet varies. Those who choose turboprops or similar types of aircraft may have to pay within the range of $2000 – $3000 per flight hour whereas those who go for the advanced long-range executive jets may have to pay up to $10000 per flight hour. Those who hire the midsize jet will be charged within the range $3000 – $6000 per hour. Those who are ready to pay $11000 to $18000 per flight hour for the private jet rental can enjoy their journey by the high-luxury aircrafts such as ACJs and BBJs that come under the category of luxury VIP airliners. The cost of hiring a private jet depends on a number of factors. The all-inclusive rental charges for private jets mainly depend on the following factors: –

  1. Size of aircraft

When you go for the bigger aircraft you have to pay more.

  1. Type of the aircraft

There are different types of aircraft under different size categories and these type variations lead to price variations within the range of $200 – $2000 per hour and in some cases even more.

  1. Older or newer aircraft

The hourly rent of a newer aircraft will be more than the rent of an older aircraft of the same size and same type. The age of the aircraft can make price variations within the range of $100 – $1000 per hour or even more.

  1. Flight time to be billed

The time between wheels up and wheels down is the billable flight time and taxi time is not included in the billable flight time. But, billable flight time includes positioning charges and time in the air.

  1. Per night crew charges

$200 to $400 will be charged per crew member per night for providing food, arranging lodging, and other related services.

  1. Short Leg charges

Short Leg charges are applicable to aircraft of larger size. The industry standard is minimum 2 hours per day.

  1. Positioning fees

The aircraft positioning fee is calculated based on the flight time taken to position the aircraft to pick up passengers and also the time is taken to fly back to the home base.

  1. Hangar charges

In icy conditions hangar charges are applicable. It is for taking preventive measures against the accumulation of ice, snow, or frost on the surface of the aircraft. Depending on the size of the aircraft hangar fees per day will be $500 to $1500.

  1. Wi-Fi charges

One can have a private jet rental with free Wi-Fi through a broker when possible. Otherwise, one has to pay Wi-Fi charges from $3.00 to $8.50 per megabyte depending on the region.

  1. Cleaning charges

Cleaning charges are applicable only when there is a mishap or when the aircraft requires deep cleaning and carpet shampooing. The standard fee for carpet shampooing will be within the range of $250 – $500 or more.

  1. Deicing charges

In case of accumulation of snow, ice, or frost on the surface of the aircraft, Deicing charges will be added to the bill. It will be a minimum of $1500 for smaller aircraft and $10000 or more for larger aircraft.

  1. International fees

International fees include permits for landing, over-flight permits, customs, and immigration charges depending on the flight route and country of arrival.

  1. Fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge is to be paid whenever there is a surge in fuel prices. Depending on the size of the aircraft fuel surcharge will be from $600 to $900 per hour.


Private jet rental is the most ideal mode when one has to go on an urgent business trip or a leisure travel free of waiting at airports and long queues to check-in. Today, it is quite easy to hire a private jet and when you hire a private jet you are able to travel on your terms.

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