5 Outrageous Vacation Ideas

Go beyond the ordinary with these adventurous, dangerous, and just plain exotic vacation ideas. We did a list of five incredible destinations where you can spend your vacation this season.
 Skydiving in New Zealand
If you’re going for a thrill, why not go for the very best. Indeed, many argue Taupo, New Zealand is among the world’s greatest places to go sky diving. And it’s no wonder why. With gorgeous vistas of Lake Taupo and spectacular mountainous terrain, you can feast your eyes as you take the plunge with a Taupo sky diving tour. While you’re there, you can also tour volcanoes and enjoy bathing in the area’s natural hot springs.
White Water Rafting in Zimbabwe
You don’t need any previous experience to enjoy the thrill of a white water rafting trip in Zimbabwe. Some tour groups offer multi-day trips, providing much to do as you and your friends make your way across 22 kilometers of grade 4 and 5 rapids. Also in Zimbabwe, you can bungee jump off Victoria Falls (or perhaps just admire its beauty from a distance) and enjoy amazing wildlife and lush vistas.
Cave Diving in Mexico
Underwater cave scuba diving is not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for beginners. But if you have experience in the water, this is a great way to make scuba diving more exciting. Check out the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mayan Riviera for amazing options for exploring submerged caves. You’ll witness unreal crystal formations and wild sea creatures.
Cliff Jumping in Canada
Ready for something different? Head out to British Columbia in western Canada and try your hand at cliff diving”. Locals are well aware of both freshwater and seaside spots that are great for taking the plunge. Of course, this kind of adventure carries significant risk, so make sure you research where to dive and how to do it. (And don’t be an idiot like me: I managed to jump with my Samsung Galaxy in my pocket!)

Strange Cuisine in New York City

The great thing about New York City is it has so much to offer. Sure, you can stop by the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, but deep in the corridors of its crisscrossing streets are many quirky attractions that don’t get much press. Among these are many, many restaurants started by New Yorkers from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Let the experts hook you up with a strange cuisine tour. Brains, feet, and tendons are all on the menu. Yummy!