Essential Items Allowed In Your Handbag While Traveling By Plane

When you plan a tour and decide to fly to your destination, the toughest task is to pack your bags with things that are allowed to be taken on a flight. Different airlines have specific guidelines regarding the contents that can be included in the luggage of their passengers. You need to check the website of the airline from which you have bought your air tickets, to know about what you can pack in your handbags.

Portable gadgets – You are allowed to carry your small-sized laptop, tablet, mobile, and headphone in your handbag while traveling by any flight. It is better not to carry large-sized electronic items that need more screening at the airport and may cause trouble for you. You also need to carry chargers and extra lithium batteries for these devices in your bag.

Small-sized tools – You need to pack some useful yet harmless tools that are needed in daily life. Screwdrivers, scissors, nail cutters, bottle openers, and pliers can be packed safely in your handbag so that you can use them whenever needed. Matchboxes or lighters can also be carried in handbags, wrapped safely to avoid being lit up accidentally. Similarly, needles also should be wrapped in thick fabrics or paper, to prevent unintentional injury. Men also need to carry disposable razors and some may have electric razors in their handbags.

Valuable belongings – You may carry expensive jewelry items and currency notes in your handbag, which should be within the permissible limit set by the airline. It is best to keep a minimum amount of valuables in your bag, to prevent your loss if the bag is accidentally misplaced.

Securely packed liquids – You may need to carry shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturizer, nail polish, deodorant, and perfume of your favorite brands while going for a vacation. All these liquid or semi-liquids should be carried in sealed containers or aerosol packs of small sizes. It is a common opinion that it is not safe to carry aerosol in a plane, as these cans may burst due to intensified internal pressure at higher altitudes. However, modern aerosol packs are modified to bear more pressure at all conditions. Many people also carry carbonated cold drinks in small aerosol cans to enjoy while traveling.

Medical necessities – You should pack all your essential medicines in a small kit, which you take every day or may need frequently. If you need to check your blood pressure or blood sugar, you should pack these medical devices carefully in your handbag. Liquid medications should be packed separately so that these liquids do not spill out due to flight movements.

Passengers should not carry any kind of alcoholic beverages as that is prohibited by several airlines. However, few airlines may allow carrying light or moderate alcoholic drinks packed in a small aerosol in a plane. Guns or small ammunition should not be carried in handbags and need to be kept in checked baggage. No inflammable product is allowed to carry in handbags, as a part of safety measures. So, you need to go through the baggage rules mentioned on the airline website before you start packing.