Road trip around wild Indonesia

What is freedom for you? Do you ever feel trapped in a place you live in with a huge desire to run away just for a while and recharge? If you found yourself in those two sentences above, stay with us for a couple more because there is a secret we want to share with the world!

How much do you know about Indonesia? To be honest, we did not know much either so after we decided to visit it. We loved it! There is something so unique in seeing how people live the same way for many years, excluded from the outside world but still free. And that freedom is what we loved deeply! Let’s see why it impacted us more than other places we saw?

Road trip around Indonesia can be quite different and no matter what your route is, you can find excitement with every step. From Bali, where you can enjoy the tropical climate and exotic sea, to Jakarta where you can see many cultural landmarks and educate yourself more about the land you are in currently. Endless coasts bathed in golden sunrays are perfect for a nice rest after a long day of road trips. On any beach, you can rent and amazing beach condo overlooking the ocean so you can fall asleep and wake up with the sound of waves striking the coast. After your lungs ‘tasted’ fresh, ocean air, hop on your vehicle and move on. Where, you ask? Where ever you like! Options in Indonesia are endless and to get through it all you would need at least a year!

Many national parks also welcome tourists all year long and it is also one of those places that are meant for taking a day or two long breaks. Komodo national park is also one of the most famous ones and it supports road trip s around Indonesia for years now.

Indonesian culture is so rich and it is pointless trying to describe it all in 500 words. That is why we hope you will at least consider this special road trip. Not only you will see how simple life can be and how little do you need to be happy but you will also come back home recharged, full of amazing stories and great photos in your pocket.

All this aside, the main reason to make a road trip around Indonesia is to open your heart. It is different than any other road trip you can make so try and put it on your bucket list. Even if it is just for 10 days, dare and do it! In one of our other stories, we can talk about advice to follow when in Indonesia or if you have something interesting to add to this article, please feel free to write to us any time!

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