8 reasons why you should climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Whenever you read or hear something about Africa, it is mostly about the untouched wilderness. Well, so is this article but we will try to give it a little spin by giving you 8 amazing reasons why you should climb one of the most famous mountains in the world-Mount Kilimanjaro!
  • This ancient mountain is located in Tanzania, near Kenia and it is estimated that the rocks that are building the mountain are more than 3 million years old. That right there is the reason enough to climb any peak!
  • Mount Kilimanjaro is a part of a beautiful national park, home to many endangered species and it is a lifetime opportunity to go and see them while they still exist. Maybe in 10 or 20 years, you can tell your children how you had a chance to see an animal that no longer walks our Earth.
  • Kilimanjaro can be a demanding climb. Strong winds and unexpectedly low temperatures can surprise even an experienced climber. How can test your boundaries and see how far you can go for personal success!

  • In 2014. a wedding took place just beneath the mountain. If this is not tickling your mind enough or giving you some ideas then you are just not the person for this adventure!
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and document it all. Borrow one of those ‘go cameras’ and place it on your hat or helmet and get your every step on video. After you have successfully climbed it, edit your video and place it on YouTube.
  • This way many people will have a good insight as to how difficult it actually can be and whether they are willing to try it out too!

  • It is the tallest mountain in Africa and if we might add, the most beautiful! To add to this beauty, there is a volcano sleeping under it. Exciting, right.
  • If you are still thinking is it a good idea to climb Mount Kilimanjaro keep in mind that the oldest person who concurred this mountain is 89 years old! The youngest was only seven so prep yourself well and dare to win!
  • Nowadays there are so many routes that can lead you to the top but our warmest advice is to talk to an expert before leaving. They can recommend the best one according to your previous experience and desires.

We know that many of you have already climbed Africa’s highest peak so we want to hear from you directly. Do you agree with our 8 reasons and is there something you can add to our list?