Things to do in Athens, Greece

We live in a world where human rights and freedom is mandatory but do you know what is a birthplace of democracy? No? Well, let us make it easier for you. Do you know what country in Southeastern Europe has the best olives, cheese and was home to one of the most famous philosophers in the world? If your answer is Greece, you are heading the right way!

Famous legends and myths originate from this region and are well-known all around. Greek geography, history, and culture have been strongly protected through the course of years and when as they opened their doors to the world, people could get enough of it. Is it maybe because of the special climate or tasty food, we don’t know? What we do know for sure is that Athens, the capital of Greece, offers a never-ending list of things to do.

There are so many things to do in Athens. Honestly, finding activities to make our list was a true challenge. To try them all out you would need to make yearly trips to this city and still won’t be able to cross them all out in one lifetime. Athens is an ancient, mysterious city and as such has a special offer for all who dare. You must have heard about Acropolis, Parthenon, The oracle of Delphi and The National Library of Greece but it is exhausting trying to visit them all at once. To try and solve this problem, Athenians have designed a special tour. For a symbolic fee and if you book it on time, it is possible to visit all Athens highlights in a day or two. Ask your travel agency to book you a private tour around the town and enjoy the stories and legends happening right before your eyes.

If you think this sounds good, wait until you hear about culinary experience. Among many taverns and special restaurants, there is an offer that stands out. Dinner in the sky is a thrilling experience where you get to enjoy your meal while watching Athens come alive at night. To do this, you must make a reservation in advance and be just a bit lucky since even Athenians consider this to be a one of a kind experience.

Hop-on hop-off tours are famous in all major cities around Europe so why wouldn’t Athens have one. It is among the cheapest things to do but it is a great opportunity to see the city in a different light. Buses leave every 30 minutes and you can make your own itinerary. When you see a place you like you can hop off, visit it and take as many photos as you like and just catch another bus in 30 minutes. Fun, right?

If all of these activities are too plain for you, why don’t you dare and book one of those one-day trips to places close to Athens? Sure, it can be exhausting but we heard that it is often a fulfilling experience. Hydra island, Corinth or even luxury Catamaran cruise are all a good choice when you feel like Athens didn’t offer what you expected.

To be completely honest, we feel like these activities we listed here are just a tip of the iceberg but you need to have an idea where to start your journey first. As always, we are looking forward to hearing about your experience in Athens so don’t be shy and tell us which ‘ancient activity’ you liked best!

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