10 Reasons You Need to visit Georgia (Country) this summer

Today there are so many websites and blogs promoting popular vacation sites and places to visit people can’t seem to decide which one to visit. Once we do decide, we feel like we have already seen it all since everyone is talking about it. But how about some less known but even more popular countries like Georgia? Hidden between Eastern Europe, Balkan, and Turkey, this modest-sized country is a true gem amongst the treasure yet to be discovered.

If you want to be the first to tell your friends about it, here is a list of ten (but there are a lot more) reasons why you should visit Georgia!

  1. The location

Where else on the Earth can you find a country with such a unique location?  On each border, it faces a different culture as well as a completely diverse nationality. Can you imagine how rich history Georgia can offer for all the ones who enjoy a good story now and then?

  1. The climate

Warm in the summer and cool in the winter, just as it is supposed to be. The weather is really stable and you won’t need that extra packing space for a just-in-case umbrella. And the Sun is the reason number three is so popular with tourists.

  1. Food and drinks

Newest archeological discoveries state that Georgia is among the first countries that started producing wine. Imagine how well their wine tastes since they had thousands of years to perfect the manufacturing process. Be among the few lucky ones to pair delicious wine with even more amazing food such as khinkali or chacapuli.

  1. Costs

Let’s not pretend, we all consider money to be an issue when we plan our next trip. When it comes to making a budget for our next adventure, every penny matters. Georgia is really not that demanding because, for 350-400euros per week, you could visit most tours, eat all the specialties and visit some museums and theatres. Not that pricy right?

  1. Shopping

As the list goes down, we seem to be getting closer to the good stuff! Number five on our list is dedicated to all genders since Georgia is a popular shopping area for many different items on the market. For example, gold and other jewelry are really cheap and modern so many retailers get their store goods right here. And we can’t even emphasize how rich art and paintings market is! Many families in Georgia are owning galleries and antique shops and this is a business passed down for generations. Georgians are people who really like to drink so wine or brandy is surely a great souvenir to bring home to.

  1. Tours and attractions

Even though Georgia is a small country, they are truly doing their best to widely open their doors to all who want to experience it. Tours in Georgia are well-designed short or long trips (depending on your aspirations) and they are currently trending! You can book private tour guides or just go with friends from another country and discover the worlds oldest wine country. Kartveli Tours is one of the best agencies that will give you an amazing Georgia experience.

  1. Georgia and Armenia trips

It would be such a shame to visit Georgia and neglect Armenia. Georgia and Armenia’s trips are also popular and boy does this combination improves the whole vacation experience? These two countries are closely working together to combine their offers and include as many outstanding trips as possible!

  1. Tbilisi

One can wonder what is so out-of-this-world when it comes to the capital city of Georgia? Well, with a risk of sounding rude, we wish to leave this one hidden. We had to put it on the list though, but we decided to wait and hear your opinion about it! Organize a day trip from Tbilisi, and find out more about this amazing destination.

  1. Kakheti region

Every country has that one special city that sole purpose is to be a time machine. In this case, it is Kakheti! Beautiful well-preserved fortresses and watchtowers are fairytale like but are warned, you won’t be able to visit this town without spending a couple of hours listening to the amazing stories tour guides are telling!

  1. Fun

Last but not least-fun! No matter how old you are, fun is always mandatory! It is on our list for a reason and that is that we can guarantee you will have plenty of it in Georgia! Pack your bags and don’t tell anyone about it because when you return you get to be the star of the evening with all the stories and photos of a hidden gem called Georgia!