North Carolina

The charming state of North Carolina is the best place to be for a relaxed and laid-back getaway. Picturesque natural scenery surrounds the entire state which makes North Carolina one of the most beautiful regions in the United States. From cultural attractions to the great outdoors, from nature-trips to historic sites, there is absolutely something that caters to varying interests.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a world-famous attraction in North Carolina, where it plays home to rich wildlife and breath-taking scenery. Its mountains are ideal for hiking, and the remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture are one of its best features. Other destinations that are worth seeing due to the loveliness of nature include Blue Ridge Parkway, where the captivating landscapes can be used as picnic grounds, overnight campsites, and cycling trails. North Carolina is also proud of its Crystal Coast where stretches of beaches are the main superstar of the place; and the Chimney Rock State Park where bird-watching, fishing, and rock-climbing takes place in the surrounds of a magnificent scenery. With all these attractions all found in North Carolina, it becomes easy to see why this state is considered a haven for the great outdoors.
North Carolina not only takes pride in its natural assets, but it also upholds its culture and history. The Halifax State Historic Site is one of the best places to be to get to know more about North Carolina’s colorful and relevant past. To fully enjoy what this historic site offers, it is best to participate in guided tours where seeing several private homes, cemetery, hostelries and a jail is the highlight. Biltmore Estate, another interesting historical and cultural site, is all about learning the bits and pieces of the high life; and for design and architecture enthusiasts, there is a tour that allows visitors to see the construction of the estate in a close range. Also in Baltimore Estate, tasting the best wine producers of North Carolina takes place.
For travelers with children in tow, the world-known North Carolina Zoo tops the list of the places to visit. Children cannot get enough of a wonderful experience the zoo delivers, where exotic wildlife, park trails, and almost 1,500 zoo animals are the main attractions. Meanwhile, Discovery Place also brings out the happiness in children, as this attraction encourages interactive experiments and hands-on exhibits. For young adults, the trip will not be complete without experiencing the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway where they can get to witness the limited access of the railways, get to ride the Little Luggies, and have an encounter with some of the famous car racers.
North Carolina can also be the gateway to its neighboring cities that are equally beautiful, such as South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. North Carolina is teeming with attractions worth seeing and natural wonders worth discovering. For a memorable and fun-filled holiday, North Carolina is always ready to grant the wish of a momentous getaway.

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