Idaho, USA

Defined by snow-capped mountains, high desert, lush forests, majestic rivers, and abundant wilderness, Idaho is a treasure worth digging. There is richness of wildlife and greenery in Idaho and the fact that it is a favorite spot of nature-lovers highly speak of what is in store for visitors traveling to this side of the United States. If you are heading to the state of Idaho, you are entering one of the most awesome spots in the world.
Idaho’s motto may be “Famous Potatoes” due to a wide expanse of potato fields most especially in the eastern portion of the state, but rest assured that your destination is more than that. Idaho’s nickname is “The Gem State” as it is a jewel with an undeniable glitter. You will likely spend most of your time in Idaho’s north and south sides where the state’s prime tourist spots settle.
If you look forward to skiing, Sun Valley is the place to be. No other ski destination can beat this place, and here, you will enjoy snow whatever skiing ability you possess. Bald Mountain, Dollar Mountain, and Nordic Center are only a few of the popular choices, and there are more to accommodate the influx of ski-enthusiasts. Coming in summer? That won’t be a problem, for you still get to experience the spectacle of Sun Valley by hiking, mountain biking, and other thrilling outdoor adventures. Another popular spot for outdoor adventures such as horseback riding and cross country skiing is The Sawtooth National Forest, where stunning mountain ranges and about 300 lakes serve as your backdrop.
If you have a limited time and just have to choose one spot to see in Idaho, Craters of the Moon must be it. Mere words cannot define this incredible attraction, as there is nothing more captivating than the sight of a wide ocean of lava flow that was formed some 20,000 years ago, during the duration of eight volcanic eruptions. The Lava Trees and Echo Crater are two of the most popular spots in this area where hiking and exploring the craters serve as the highlight of your trip. Part of your Idaho discovery is North America’s deepest gorge, the Hell’s Canyon, carved out by the Snake River. Aside from the jaw-dropping scenery, ready yourself for the close encounter to bighorn sheep, bobcats, bears, cougars, mountain goats, elk, and other smaller wildlife.
From north, center and south of the state, there are boundless opportunities for nature-lovers and unlimited adventure for thrill-seekers. Idaho is home to a multitude of attractions, making it impossible to tour them all in just a single day. There will never be a problem there, as Idaho offers fantastic accommodations that cater to all budgets and lifestyles.
As you roam in the streets of Idaho, you will surely not fail to notice how can be the state’s contrasting features, such as rural neighborhoods and unspoiled natural beauty amidst a technology-filled and urbanized amenities, perfect blend. There will never be room for monotony in your Idaho adventure, as every turn is a promise of an awesome escapade.