Top 5 American Cities

The United States have some of the greatest cities on our planet. Since the US economy is one of the strongest in the world, the infrastructure is expanding every next year. As a result, visitors can enjoy the long list of activities in some of the greatest American cities:
Seattle, Washington: 
Seattle City is more than just a spiritual home for the nation’s best local coffee, it is home as well to stunning surrounds and almost-immaculate air. The city is also one of the most affluent cities in America, and the proofs to this are the many big companies that establish business here, Microsoft and Boeing for example. With an atmosphere ideal for raising a family, and an economy that is strongly supporting the labor force, Seattle shows why a significant number of new residents are moving in. The real estate is continuously thriving which makes Seattle the second runner up for 2014’s Real Estate MSN’s America’s best cities to live. Seattle is a huge city divided by districts and towns, and each has something to boast of when it comes to attractions, night life and restaurants. Natural parks are everywhere to balance the busy and bustling environment of the city life.
Charleston, South Carolina
Southern state South Carolina’s oldest and second largest city, Charleston, is known for its wealth of highly-preserved architecture, relevant history, friendly people and fine restaurants. In 2011, Travel + Leisure recognized Charleston as “America’s friendliest city,” while Southern Living Magazine hailed it as “the most polite and hospitable city in America.” Further, Charleston is famous for its blended culture of Southern US, French, English and West African influences. Its Downtown is the hub of art, music, fashion and traditional local cuisine. The city’s vibrancy reflects on its annual events and affairs. This beautiful city is home to irresistible features that make visitors come back again and again: beaches that are easily accessed from Charleston’s center, awesome shopping destinations, amazing hotel and accommodations and a lot more. 
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe, the capital of the US state New Mexico, is one of the best cities of America for a bucket of reasons. “Holy Faith” in Spanish, Santa Fe attracts tourists to its splendid landscapes and impeccable weather. The “Santa Fe style” spans the city, characterized by well-preserved and diligently-restored architecture that blend in the new buildings that bear that traditional look. The multi-cultural influences reflect in Santa Fe art, making the city part of UNESCO Creative City in Design, Crafts and Folk Art. There are a bunch of activities that people can be busy with: festivals, events, and outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. The natural beauty that embraces the entire city creates a mood that is ideal for laid-back and relaxed living. 
San Francisco, California
San Francisco is a bustling city– the centerpiece of the Bay Area and one of the prime cities of California. What draws people closer to San Francisco is its collective feature of hilly terrain, picturesque appeal, Victorian architecture, diverse cultural influences and friendly people. San Francisco is home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge that has been tagged as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The city of San Francisco is known for its intriguing neighborhoods, including the Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Prison and Angel Islands. The city is also well-loved for its string of fine restaurants (seafood, most especially), shopping destinations and awesome accommodations. 
Savannah, Georgia
The city of Savannah is one of the most relaxing and laid-back cities in Georgia. Here, visiting the touristic attractions can be done by walking or by horse carriage–yes, that traditional mode of transportation still exists in this city. The city’s Historic District has it all: museums, galleries, restaurants, and interesting structures that best define what Savannah is all about. There are small and big shopping malls in all corners and large nature parks for the children’s running and playing. River cruise must be the most famous activity for tourists, together with dining out, drinking in local pubs at night, and strolling along River Street’s cobblestone pathways.
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