La Digue, Seychelles

La Digue Island in Seychelles is one of the several smaller islands found in this Island nation. While there are no many major attractions in La Digue, the island is relatively the most visited one in Seychelles due to its ease of accessibility and has some of the best accommodation facilities. Besides, tourist facilities are well developed, and compared to Praslin or Mahe, the island is known to be much quieter, exclusive, and picturesque. The main reason why most visitors come to La Digue Island is to experience the popular L’anse Source D’argent. This is one of the best beaches in the world and a favorite for most people due to its exotic weathered pink granite rocks that stud the coastline alongside its many palms and sandy beaches. 
There are a number of smaller islands located off the La Digue Island coast and they include Felicite Island, Marie Anne Island, Frigate Island, The Sisters, and Recif Island. Helicopter Seychelles serves a helipad which is the most commonly used method of entering the island. Ferries also commute several times in a day between La Digue Island and Praslin Harbor and visitors can also hire some boats as well even though they are quite expensive. La Digue Island is quite small and in fact, the island doesn’t need an extensive infrastructure as found in Pralin or Mahe. The island has just a small number of taxis and there are no car rental agencies. This results in extremely high prices for taxis and most visitors looking for cheaper options are advised to rent bikes which are quite affordable.
Most tourists opt to go for bicycle excursions which are quite more enjoyable and fun. The most visited areas are Ile de Cocos and Paradise Flycatchers for snorkeling. Others go as far as Praslin where they see the famous Coco der Mer which is a rare kind of coconut found in Seychelles. Shopping is also another interesting thing to do in La Digue Island and you will find a number of gift shops located all over the island. Most of them sell just the usual Seychelles gifts. However, one of the most shopped for items is the fresh vanilla beans which are offered at a fantastic price.
Restaurants in La Digue Island are generally many and offer a wide range of dishes ranging from curry to fish, rice, and pork. Western-style meals and seafood are also offered in some of the restaurants as well. Due to the small size of La Digue Island, not so many visitors will opt to spend a night on the island. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the island is short of sleeping/ accommodation facilities. The only thing is that the antique hotels and guest houses are pretty expensive. As such, it is more advisable that you visit La Digue Island just for a day trip which is enough time for you to visit all the major sites. However, if you have an overnight event like a wedding, you can reserve a room in these hotels.