Tehran (Teheran), Iran

With a bustling population of 14 million inhabitants, the capital city of Iran, Tehran or Teheran is a city that features great museums, restaurants, parks, and hospitable people. If you are planning a visit to Iran, remember to include 1 or 2 days enjoying the touristic products offered by Tehran. Various factors are explaining why Tehran is a must-visit city especially its constantly cool, dry climate. 
It also enjoys proximity to the mountains and has a lot of gardens and parks which gives it a highly inviting atmosphere. Winter ski lovers are hosted by the Alborz range, situated in northern Tehran on the highest peak in the country. During the winter season, the ski-clubs and mountain hotels at Dizine and Shemshak are fully booked. Specialist skiers regard northern Tehran as an excellent skiing destination.
Visa restrictions apply to Israel citizens and travelers whose visa shows that they intend to visit Israel. Even those from lands bordering Israel, Jordan, and Egypt will be denied entry to Tehran and Iran in general. One of the great features that you can see in Tehran is the Azadi Tower which has for a long time been considered as the Tehran symbol. Its construction was done during the commemoration of the Persian Empire on its 2, 500th anniversary and the entry leads to the Azadi museum situated on the basement floor of the tower. The Treasury of the National Jewels in Tehran houses some of the most expensive and rare collections of jewels. Then you can proceed to the National Museum of Iran where the ceramics, carvings, and stone figures date to 5th Millennium BC.
The Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini is a gigantic shrine that is worthy of a visit and entry is free of charge. The Milad tower is one of the tallest freestanding world structures which can be viewed from almost any spot in Tehran the Jamshidieh Park is beautiful and picturesque in Tehran and serves as a recreation area and the locals also use it as a picnic center. Museums are a common sight at Tehran with the Golestan Palace being the oldest Tehran historic monument. It used to be the royal residence for Quhar and the garden provides a sense of peace and coolness at the heart of the busy city.
During your visit to Tehran, you can decide to visit the Tochal Sport and Recreational Complex which is a recreation spot on Mt. Tochal offering hiking trails, gym, ski resort, and has the best scenic views for Tehran. Drake is an entry point to nearby mountains which offers a hiking trail experience. There is a wide range of eating points in Tehran including the popular falafels, Dizi Sara, Jaam-e-Jam food court, the Delsin sandwiches, and SFC where you can get the best chicken burgers. For a coffee starved Tehran traveler, the many coffee shops will serve you the sweetest coffee you have ever tasted. A great drink that you will not want to miss out on is Doogh which is served when cold.
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