Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. Being the second-largest Vietnamese city, it features a fascinating and amazing blend of west and east thereby combining the French flair with ancient Sino-Vietnam motifs. After a long period of war, the city is still unscathed and the city is currently experiencing a building and development boom which has led to rapid growth. Through several occupations, invasions, name changes, and restorations, Hanoi has remained the capital of the nation for a thousand plus years now. As a visitor taking a walk around the city, it is common to find people start to talk to you and it’s a Vietnamese culture of conversing with strangers. As such, people here are extremely friendly and this can help you explore the city even better. 
Hanoi has a tropical climate, with a better part of the year being hot and wet. However, winter is accompanied by rapid temperature drops due to the latitude of the city and you need to plan your travel well as you can feel very cold. There is a lot worth seeing during your trip to Hanoi, especially museums. For instance, the largely overlooked Vietnamese Women’s Museum has undergone extensive renovations on permanent exhibitions stored here which make it worthy of a visit. It has lots of information about fearsome Vietnam heroines and you will also find traditions and rituals exhibitions. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a great attraction in the city as it is the one pillar pagoda, Fine Arts Museum, Army Museum, Air Force Museum, and Hanoi museum. 
Hanoi is a worshiping city with temples appearing dotted all over like the Temple of Literature, Ngon Son Temple, and Bach Ma Temple. Parks are an exciting tourist attraction like the Hoan Kiem Lake which is a pleasant town park and a favorite spot for leisure. The Lenin Statue and Park is where you will get a feeling of liveliness and diversity of Hanoi. You can continue down to Ly Thai To Statue and Park which symbolizes how the tradition integrates with modernity.
Tourists are also fascinated by the wartime sites which appear quite attractive especially for travelers from areas without a warring history. Some of these sites include the Hoa Lo Prison, Downed Aircraft Memorial, and Army Museum which all have interesting stories. During your visit to Hanoi, try to go to a theatre and get a memorable experience here at Ca Tru Hanoi Club, Thang Long Water Theatre, Golden Bell Show, or go for cinemas at August Movie Theatre and Megastar. 
For travelers interested in their health and fitness, there is a city gym in which you can have some mild training but it is not in its best condition though. Rock climbing is an exciting activity here as well as running at the Hanoi Vertical Run where runners compete in ascending the tower. Hanoi is a food paradise especially for exotic diets with numerous restaurants mostly offering cobra foodstuffs and other local delicacies such as dog meat and giant water bug that you will want to try.
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