Bottom Bay, Barbados

Bottom Bay is one of the tourist destinations in Barbados. It is located on the southeast coast of Barbados, near Cave Bay. It is by far claimed to be the most liked beach in Barbados as it receives a high turnover of foreign and domestic tourists into it. The beach has gorgeous coral reefs, elegant high palm trees, and a white sandy arena to complete the coastal fun next to the turquoise bluish sea. Bottom Bay Beach is also known to be the strategic spot to meet sea turtles trekking on land than getting back to the sea after some time in groups.
It is also the best place to spot whales swimming in the sea. Due to powerful waves that jut across the sea, Bottom Bay Beach has also been a spot for surfing. However, it is not recommended for people to dive into the sea due to waves, unless they are careful swimmers and can overcome the waves.
Bottom Bay Beach is generally a comfortable and secluded beach that is perfect for any outing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bottom Bay Beach is accessible by road transport from nearby towns of Bridgetown and Saint Lawrence Gap. If you do not have a private car, then use the public buses from the Sam Lord’s Castle center to reach Bottom Bay Beach entrance. 
There are many hotels near Bottom Bay Beach that will accommodate you fully. However, you can familiarize yourself with the hotels by visiting the accommodation website page for Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados. Here you will get to find pictures at the charges for staying in the hotels, to plan for the budget early and ensure that the hotel is available for you once you arrive at the beach. 
While planning to enjoy your holidays at the Bottom Bay Beach, be assured that there are restaurants near the beach. The restaurants are modern with attractive setting locations. They offer a wide range of delicacies from the Caribbean cuisine, western to the Creole desserts. Seafood is common in the area. You can also arrange for a picnic on the beach by buying food in some hotels and restaurants and have the food packed safely. Names of the restaurants you can find closest to the beach are The Crane, Bonito Beach Bar and Restaurant, Naniki Restaurant, Waterfront Café, Olives Bar and Bistro, La Mer, and Carambola Restaurant.
Bottom Bay is a whole tourist attraction site itself. It is a long sandy beach where people go for leisure fun and other social purposes. Its setting is truly attractive with firm and high coconut trees, the nearby bluish ocean, and the peaceful arena of the beach that proves it to be a top tourist destination of Barbados. There are spots on the beach where you can spot turtles coming inland from the sea, whereas tours to the sea will enable you to watch the world’s largest creatures, the whales, swimming in the ocean. There are also many attraction sites near the Bottom Bay Beach that you can reach out to, and they include the Sunbury Plantation House and Museum and the Welchman Hall Gully wildlife station.