Kopaonik, Serbia

Famous for its large ski field and snowy mountainous landscape, Kopaonik Resort is the most visited tourist destination in the world. Kopaonik developed as a mining center for the Saxon tribe of the Germans who used to swell in the area. The Saxons used to trade the minerals with the Italians. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Serbia, visited by thousands of travelers every season.
Kopaonik is also a name referring to the high mountain selected as the best location for ski lovers. Large numbers of tourists flock to the Kopaonik Mountain during winter to ski along the lengthy steep slopes of the snowy mountain. Kopaonik Resort is located in the southern part of Central Serbia with its highest point at two thousand and seventeen meters above sea level. 
Kopaonik Mountain can be found at the center of the Kopaonik Plateau. Dining centers are available at the resort to warm up your body in the cold weather, its accommodation is abundant, affordable and ever warm to keep you off from the cold of the exterior freezing weather, and the services are hospitable. Travelling Kopaonik Skiing resort is a special unforgettable visit and best skiing experience ever. 
The major attraction in Kopaonik is the large skiing activity taking place in the resort during the winter. Its ski tracks are more than twenty miles hence there is more time to enjoy skiing along the slopes of the mountain. Kopaonik experiences almost the same number of days of summer as the number of days of winter every year. Therefore, there are enough days to pack and set off for the skiing park and join the rest of the people in skiing along the beautiful mountain, which is also a tourist attraction in the area.
When the winter season is over and the spring and summer take over gradually, the snow disappears hence the skiing activity ceases to take place. This time, the hiking and bicycle trails can be used. Tourists can cycle around the resort’s trails. With the escape of the cold season, nature trips are available to take tourists to the forests and nature parks close to Kopaonik Resort to view the unique animal like the firry bear and the horned dears, as well as plant species like the natural Pine trees thriving within the region.
Many activities take place in Kopaonik Resort. Skiing is the most common game taking place along the slopes of the snowy mountain. Snowboards are available to snowboard along the snow. Enjoy water rafting over the Ibar River at the resort. Join a guided nature tour around the nature park of the resort to view its unique beautiful biodiversity. 
Tourists can also cycle around the park during summer and go hiking in the Kopaonik Mountain. Treat yourself to special, unique dishes offered in the exotic restaurants and villas. Nikola Villa is a famous location with nice, spacious rooms, gorgeous swimming pool,s and sauna treatments for all its clients. Each of its rooms has a refrigerator, a television set, and a kitchen among other specialties and basics for spending nights in the large villa.