When talking about Scandinavia, you should mention Denmark, among Sweden and Norway. Amazing country, with Copenhagen one of the most livable cities, as a capital, proud with its Tivoli Gardens, and many other elegant palaces. Denmark is a country with many industrial changes. The Danes are her best attraction, proud of their language, their skills as craftsmen and builders. Every tourist will be glad to see those happy Danish faces, whether they do a performance on the streets, or just see how excited they are when showing this to a tourist. 
When you visit a country you must see it all, you just don’t go from city to city, that’s how you get only half of the country or the city. You learn only half of what the city and the country have to show you. The people are the other half, the settlers, those who made the history, a half story you have to read, how they live, what is their culture, and so on.
As a highly developed country, she maintains her industrial development and remains famous in the world for the quality of the goods. As we said about the Danish, known for their skills, they use them to make goods, so Denmark stands as a competitive country in the world economy.
Denmark has a lot to offer to the visitors. With her idyllic countryside look and a chilly weather, she is like a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. The Danes have some of the world’s best cinemas and internet cafes where they can entertain themselves and their guests in the cold winter days.
The country consists of a large peninsula Jutland and 443 islands. So it’s next to the sea, but even though no one lives more than 30 miles from the water, Danish people still maintain a long tradition of a connection with the water. Ærø is an island that people can’t omit if they go to Denmark. The place looks like time has stopped there, that is the best way to learn something more about the traditional look of Denmark.
The people are undoubtedly Denmark’s top tourist attractions, but this country nestled in the south of Northern Europe offers travelers a variety of sights and environments to take in. Tourists in search of an authentic experience must therefore not confine themselves to Denmark’s beautiful cities; while Danish life remains largely unaffected by tourism, visiting cities will only reveal half the story of Denmark. Travelers should bear in mind that Denmark industrialized relatively late compared to other European nations, and that to understand this country’s past–as well as it’s present–some time spent in the country is invaluable.
Denmark has many things to be proud of them, extracting Hans Christian Andersen, the world-famous Danish poet, whose stories and fairy tales like The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Ducking live in the childhood memories, all over the world.