Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El Sheik is the most popular summer destination in Egypt. This is a city found on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt on the coast along the Red sea. It is also known as the “City of Peace”, because of the many international peace meetings that have been going on here during the years. The city is a well-known port and resort town visited by thousands of travelers during the year. With the latest happenings in the country, tourism is not a priority here, but the governments are trying to get back with the normal.

Tourists visiting Sharm El-Sheikh have several options open to them. They can go by air and land at Sharm el-Sheik International Airport or land at the other big airports within Egypt such as Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor, or Alexandria and connect by land and sea. Sharm marina redeveloped with a passenger terminal for cruise ships and scheduled ferry service for tourists who would love to travel by sea. Being located next to the Red Sea, Sharm el-sheik has some of the most amazing underwater scenery. The warm water plays a vital role in making this town an ideal spot for scuba diving. The stunning beaches also attract visitors to the shoreline. Other water sports you can enjoy here include windsurfing, boating, canoeing Para-sailing, and snorkeling.

Mount Sinai, often known as the Holy Mountains concerning the biblical Mount Sinai. The mountain has such an immense religious significance to Islamic believers and it receives pilgrimage from afar and wide. For enthusiastic mountain climbers, the peak can be reached by climbing the steps leading up to the top, or by following a winding path that runs east from the monastery. The steps pass the Fountain of Moses up to the topmost peak.

Naama Bay is one of the key tourist attractions in the north of Sharm el-sheik. For this reason Naama Bay has been very well maintained and developed. The bay offers stunning views, a variety of tropical fish, a host of wildlife and plenty of water sports such as scuba diving happen here. It is normally open every day and there are no charges for using it. Naama Bay is growing into a resort town of its own. Most hotels here have their own, private beaches with comfortable amenities such as chairs, shades, and even bars.

Moses saw a fire but, the bush wasn’t burning only God, the almighty was seeking his attention. This is a very popular fun activity with all visitors to Sharm el-sheikh, mainly due to its religious and historical significance. The St. Catherine’s Monastery, Sharm el-sheikh, where all this takes place is now the most visited place in Egypt.

The Ras Muhammad Natural Park is located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula about 20 km from central Sharm el-Sheikh. The park was established in 1983 to protect the coral reefs. Being protected are it offer both scuba divers and snorkelers the chance to swim amongst spectacular underwater undisturbed scenery.

For the tourist who would love to go shopping, then when on a visit don’t miss the Sharm El-Sheikh mall which provides shops with both foreign and local products, including jewelry, leather goods, clothing, pottery, and books. When you want to venture beyond the town through the Sinai desert and beyond, the best way to do so is on a camels bark. You will enjoy beautiful sights within the desert. Most hotels in Sharm, particularly in the Na’ama Bay area cater for package tourists. There are mostly 3-6 star all-inclusive hotels that will cater to all your needs depending on your budget.

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