Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Malaysia’s best-known destination, an archipelago made of 99 islands, as Langkawi Island. Situated in the north of the Straits of Malacca, in the southern Andaman Sea, this place has a lot to offer. Beautiful beaches, the white sand tickling your feet, and warm weather invite you to spend the days relaxing and enjoying these beauties. Once “Malaysia’s best-kept secret”, Langkawi is a great travel destination for every season. Winter or summer, this is a great place for vacation. The island is mainly familiar for its outstanding diving opportunities and this tropical jewel hides a treasure trove of other thrilling vacation opportunities. The name developed from two words; “Kawi” which means marble, and “lang” meaning eagle. A long time ago, this was home to the eagles, hundreds of them. The highest point there reaches up to 890m above sea level, and the main town in this group of islands is Kuah. Since June 1, 2007, Langkawi gained the status of World Geopark by UNESCO. The NCER is still working to attract further world-class hotels and holiday resorts to the island. Wanted monsoon doesn’t affect this place, thanks to the mountains of Peninsular Malaysia.
The steep mountain peaks are great to challenge for rock climbers, even though they can be at times inaccessible. Numerous resorts and 5-star hotels provide comfort and great accommodation in every season. The tax-free status was gained in 1987, and since then it is a well-known tourist destination. But apart from all of this, The Langkawi Cable Car takes visitors up to the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang, at 705 m above sea level, where the Langkawi Sky Bridge is located. Every year, Tour de Langkawi (named by the starting point), international cycling event, is held in the region of Malaysia.
Langkawi is also host to the biennial Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show (LIMA). When you are there, you have to see the Crocodile Adventureland (home of over 1,000 crocodiles and alligators), Gunung Raya (the tallest mountain in the island), Laman Padi Rice Garden (with famous rice fields, and beautiful landscaping), Eagle Square, Underwater World, Oriental Village, and the Summer Palace.
The tropical climate, blue skies, and the turquoise seas make this place heaven for everyone who sets foot there. The sun shines very brightly in summer, and the temperatures rise to 38°C. During September and October, rain is occasional and combined with sun, which keeps the high temperatures. Watching the sunset is a memory of a lifetime. Black-sand beaches are common here. And they are as amazing as any other. Tall mountains covered with primary rain forests, add some beauty to the scenery. Eagles flying freely, as well as authentic animals, and plants can be found on this island.
The island of Langkawi can be reached throughout the sea and air. The Langkawi Jetty Point connects the island to main destinations like Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah, George Town, Penang, and Tamalang. Tourists can go on the island via ferry from Kuala Perlis or by flight from Kuala Lumpur. AirAsia and Firefly give budget connections to the island. Farmers still use the central lowlands, and around it can be found coconut palms and fruit trees. Kuah has Government offices and Police Headquarters, and it’s the center of all events.
The northern shore has more recreational facilities and better service. The two world-class hotels, excellent beaches, and mangrove forests won’t let you get bored that easily. One can always find some recreation, around here. The lovely countryside with paddy fields, and mountains with thick vegetation and jungles in the back, make this place even more beautiful then it already is. It’s uncrowded roads, make traveling from one side of the island, to the other, very easy.
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