Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a place where Japan’s culture is unfolded with beautiful natural surroundings to explore. If you are in Japan you should probably visit Kyoto because this old town will take you to all corners of Japan’s rich heritage. Kyoto has thousands of historic temples and some buildings that date many centuries ago. Since the eighth century until the nineteenth century, Kyoto had been a capital for the kingdom of Japan. Today, though it is not the capital of Japan, it is one of the top seven massive cities in Japan with a population spilling over a million people. The capital of Japan is Tokyo, one of the greatest cities in the world.Kyoto is a modernized city with well established advanced infrastructure and educational facilities. Kyoto is famous for being the origin of Nobel laureates. Its tourism sector is forever successful thanks to its richness in Japan’s culture and being listed as one of the important World Heritage Sites.

Visiting Kyoto teaches a lot about famous Japan’s customs. Here, the Gion Festival is held regularly and anybody can participate. The Gion Corner is also a center to view many traditional artworks of Japan including the glamorous, cultural, Japanese dances. Ryan-Ji Temple is a thrilling site with an impressive garden around it. Meet the famous Golden Pavilion style of the Ginkaku-Ji – Silver Pavilion made up of rock decoration and a smart sandy garden. The Golden Pavilion is also a title of a golden temple still in Kyoto. 
The Kiyomizu-Dera Temple is a large place with an attractive waterfall and glamorous garden. The Katsura Imperial Villa is a center that composes all the cultural beauties of Japan for all to see. Remember Kyoto city the capital of the ancient Japan kingdom? Tour guides will take you to the location of this historic Kyoto capital city where the emperors used to dwell. 
This is the Kyoto Gosho, meaning the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Kyoto has thousands of historic sites visit but to mention just a few others are; the Old Kyoto city itself, the Tenryuji Temple, and the Heian Palace next to the Heian Shrine. There are many fun activities to enjoy in Kyoto. The Rickshaw ride in Kyoto enables visitors to travel to various ancient sites that reveal the traditional Japanese culture in just one ride.Tour the historic Kyoto capital city for an amazing sightseeing adventure of the ancient city. Experience the traditional tea ceremony at Tondaya within the old Kyoto city. Enjoy riding a bicycle while on the famous bicycle riding tour in Machiya, a center of the Old Kyoto city, as you visit the historic sites in this center.There are Japanese lessons offered on this tour around Kyoto. Here, there are Japanese cooking lessons to learn ways of making the famous basic Japanese recipes, the Japanese Ikebana art of flower arrangement, and the traditional Maiko dressing styles. Visit various ancient temples in the old city and treat yourself to the unique, delicious Japanese dishes in fine restaurants and hotels. Accommodation and spa stations are available with world-class facilities such as in any other larger city in the amazing country of Japan…
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