Doha, Qatar – The Most Incredible Qatar Attraction

Doha is the most popular travel attraction in Qatar. You will be able to find almost everything you will see in cities like New York or Barcelona or any other modern metropolitan. You can find many luxurious malls in Doha where you can buy any type of designer clothes. Some of the most impressive things when you first take a look at the city are the modern skyscrapers that color the skyline of Doha. They are the peak of modern architecture and Qatari people do not stop there, but every next building is even better than the previous.
Doha is one of the fastest developing cities in the world and from a non- famous destination, it is growing up and attracting millions of tourists every next year. This city has a population of more than 800 000, and it is the center of the business, academic, and health care activities in Qatar.

The best thing about Doha is that this new, but perfect travel destination is that it is stretched on the coast of the Arabian Sea. One of the greatest attractions in Doha is the 15 km long park which lines the seashore. An evening walk around the park is something you just can’t miss when you go there.

The City of Doha is a rich mixture of traditional Arabic combined with modern architecture. Modern skyscrapers and other architecture buildings are not the only impressive marks of this city. If you want to feel the traditional Qatari lifestyle, you will have to visit some of the heritage villages in Doha. They give you a completely different image of the place, which is equally impressive as the modern parts of this amazing destination. If you want to feel the history of the place, you will have to visit the museums of Islamic art, and historical treasures which are made with extreme devotion and are made to present every part of this nation’s history.

Another attraction that you cannot miss are the luxurious residencies of the Sheikhs The way of life here is very interesting especially for tourists coming from the other continents. Sheiks are rulers of the country and they have complete power over everything. Their residencies are looking very interesting and amazing, and they are known by spending lots of their fortune in clothing and shoes around the luxurious malls in the country.

Doha offers the best conditions for all kinds of sports. If nature didn’t provide it, it was made by architects One of those sports that are most interesting for tourists are the jeep safaris around the city and the horseback riding in the deserts around the city. And deserts are one of the few things that are very natural in here. There are also tons of other things you can do while you are here. Water sports like jet-skiing and kite surfing are very popular. There are many golf courses if you love playing golf, or maybe just go to the tallest building in the city called the Aspire Towe and visit the Sport City complex, where you can find facilities for many different sports.

Since Doha is located in the middle east in the peninsula by the Persian Gulf, it is understandable that the climate there is not going to be good for everyone. This destination is followed by extreme heat. Summer there starts in May and ends in September and the temperatures can go up until 50°C which is not bearable for many people.

That is why if you want to go there but you don’t like the hot weather very much, you should go either in the spring (February, March, April) or in Autumn (October, November). During the winter is also not hot, but there are sandstorms and rain which can spoil your vacation.