Bahamas – Perfect Holiday Destination

The country of the Bahamas attracts millions of tourists around the world. The main attraction of this island country is beautiful sunshine, fine cuisine, and exceptional weather. This is the reason that it ranks as one of the favorite holiday destinations in the world.

The Bahamas consists of 700 islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean. This little archipelago offers unique experiences for years to come. Moreover, it is easy to visit this Caribbean island country as you only need to take charter flights from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Hence, you can have a great time in the Bahamas for your vacation.

Here we will discuss a few important reasons as to why you need to choose the Bahamas as your next vacation.


Although there is no perfect time to visit the Bahamas since the weather remains warm with sunny skies throughout the year. However, the country experiences a few overcast months in the middle of the year but overall it offers perfect weather for you to relax.

The Bahamas experiences summer months from May to November and the temperature remains between 30-33 degrees. However, the winter months start from December to April and the temperature remains between 20-26 degrees.


Bahamian cuisine is considered one of the best around the world consisting of mixed cuisines. The best part of Bahamian dishes consists of shellfish and fish that come from the Caribbean and South America. You can choose different kinds of dishes from local eateries, cafés, and restaurants.

If you love seafood then the Bahamas is the ideal place for you to taste some conch and lobsters. Since the region lies around the Atlantic Ocean, conch is their national food whilst seafood is served in all parts of the country.


The country of Bahamas is famous for its exceptional and breathtaking beaches. It offers blue water with sparkling sand in the entire country. Cat Island and Harbor Island are the most famous beaches in the Bahamas that offer pink-colored sand beaches.

The exciting part of the Bahamian beaches is are the light pink color that mixes with shells emitting a red hue when the seawater passes over them. Cat Island and Long Island are sparsely populated and that is the reason they offer more privacy in the Bahamas.

Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island and the Cable beach in Nassau offer full entertainment and a great time to enjoy with your family. The entire country of Bahamas offers the best view to enjoy your holidays.


The little island of the Bahamas offers an experience to remember while you shop. Since the Bahamas consists of many tiny islands, you will never feel a shortage of malls, local markets, and abundant products. You can buy various products such as wood carvings, conch jewelry, straw goods, cigars, and so on to buy.

The shops offer all original items that show the rich cultural heritage of the Bahamas. The most popular market in the country is the capital Nassau offering local crafts for tourists to purchase.

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