Western Australia Tourist Attractions

With conditions normalizing and reducing infection rates have only brought happiness to people in large. It is now possible to book vacations in Western Australia, considered to be a land of extremes and superlatives. This part of the country occupies a third part of the total area of the continent and the largest among the states here. Perth, the state’s capital is known for its galleries, glitzy shops, sophisticated, vibrant feel and gourmet restaurants. To protect your family and to enjoy thoroughly your trip, you should book Margaret River Accommodation. They maintain Covid protocols and provide all essential facilities.

Top tourist attractions

  • Perth: Besides being Western Australia’s capital, it is also the country’s fourth largest city. It boasts of its hip boutiques, shiny skyscrapers, buzzing entertainment venues and gourmet restaurants. You may indulge in sailing, swimming and surfing activities in one of the most beautiful beaches. Dunsborough Accommodation is a safe haven for a grand stay. The other attractions here are Botanic Garden and Kings Park.
  • Margaret River: It is home to several holiday resorts, gourmet restaurants, galleries, etc. It is also a favorite spot among surfers due to the consistent big wave breaks including 40+ surf spots spread over here. This region is known for its beautiful scenery having sparkling white sandy beaches and tall timber forests. Also are present limestone caves like Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave and Lake Cave. You can explore and get to see prehistoric fossils and glittering stalactites. The other activities here include mountain biking, rock climbing, whale watching tours, kayaking and fishing. To enjoy your stay, you should book Margaret River Accommodation and vacation rental.

  • Ningaloo Reef Marine Park: This site is declared a UNESCO heritage and is also the largest fringing reef in the world. It extends about 260 km and is known for its diverse marine life. It is accessible easily from shore. The marine life found here are dugongs, manta rays, turtles, humpback whales, whale sharks, etc. Also are present 300 coral species. Turquoise Bay is a wonderful beach to snorkel and swim along with whale sharks. Dunsborough Accommodation is the perfect place to stay to get fully relaxed.
  • Broome: It is a thriving tourist town. Cable beach is the main attraction here along with the striking red cliffs. You can enjoy sunset camel rides here. It is also considered to be Australia’s pearling capital. You should visit Broome Historical Museum to know more about the place. You can also indulge in Kimberley adventures like Cape Leveque, Horizontal Waterfall, Mitchell Falls, Purnululu, The Gibb River Road, etc. To have a peaceful stay, you should stay at Margaret River Accommodation.

  • Cape Le Grand National Park and Esperance Bay: Nature lovers should head to Esperance Bay that is known for its turquoise lagoons, ravishing beaches, diverse wildlife and wildflowers. Lucky Bay set against the Recherché Archipelago is a top attraction here. It is among the best beaches of Australia. You can also indulge in beach safaris, fishing, surfing, snorkeling and watching wild kangaroos.

You can get all creature comforts at Dunsborough Accommodation, thus having a great time in Western Australia.