Croatia Summer Travel

Croatia is a European country situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Due to its warm Mediterranean climate, this land is a popular tourist destination for people living in other European countries. Thus, the tourism industry offers huge earning prospects for local Croatians. Since there is a large stretch of the coastal area here, tourists are offered the pleasure of boating in well-decked yachts. Nautical or water tourism is very popular in Croatia, where various features are added for entertaining tourists. People love the experience of enjoying yacht charter in Croatia, as they can choose the model of yachts as per their budgets.

Affordability of yacht charter – Tourists start booking their chosen yachts online from mid-April for their summer tours in Croatia. The yacht charter in Croatia includes traveling to various neighboring lands, like the Northern and Southern Adriatic regions. There are plenty of small sailing yachts, motorboats, catamarans, speedboats, and large-sized yachts, which can be taken on rent for enjoying water tours along the Adriatic Sea. The rental costs vary according to the models of yachts chosen and the number of days for which these modes of water transport can be taken on rent.

Availability of an expert skipper – Tourists can take a yacht on rent along with a skipper, who will be navigating that boat. If a tourist has the professional certification or skipper’s license for operating a yacht, he will be allowed to take a yacht on rent without the service of a skipper. Some people also prefer to be a part of a tourists’ group traveling together in a mega yacht or boat. However, the presence of an expert skipper provides mental peace and relaxation from the tension of navigating a water vessel down the Adriatic Sea. Tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty along the coast of the Adriatic Sea when they do not need to bother about steering the boat to the destination.

Facilities offered in a yacht – Cruises are also available for summer travel in Croatia, where a team of chefs, stewards, and other professionals are ready to serve the passengers. A full-board service is meant for 24 hours while half-board services are available for only a part of the day. The foods are served on board according to the tastes of passengers. Any other onboard service can be requested by them, which fits within the payment made by tourists for a yacht charter in Croatia.

Benefits of yacht charter – Mega yachts or cruises can be taken also to Greece, Turkey, or Italy while sailing on the Adriatic Sea. They need special permission to visit these coastal lands, which are obtained by yacht rental companies. The itinerary of yacht charter in Croatia can be decided by tourists, as per their tastes and budgets for a vacation. The yacht service is available at affordable prices, depending on the type of boat taken on rent and the number of hours for which it is needed.

Therefore, summer travel can be very enjoyable in Croatia. Tourists may also enjoy cultural tours, visits to agricultural farms and hill resorts in this country. People can also drive around Croatian cities if they hold a valid driving license and passport. However, water tours are by far the most popular tourist activity in the coastal parts of Croatia, mainly during summer.

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