Las Vegas on a Budget

Recently we have asked people how experienced are they in traveling and most of them said that they came to that level where the more expensive the city is, the cheaper they go! So it hit us, why not make a special article about how to travel low cost in one of the most expensive cities- Las Vegas?

How well do you feel when you manage to make a special deal and save money shopping or eating especially on vacation? Las Vegas is one of those cities where, if you don’t know the right stuff, you might end up ‘drained’ quickly and by this we do not mean gambling. There is a lot to see and do but up until recently free things to do in Vegas were not easy to find! But that all changed and it is a completely new traveling scene in the city that never sleeps. In the next few paragraphs you will learn how to get to know Vegas in a new light and pass down what you learned to your friends and neighbors.

We all heard about coupons right? They are those small cards or pieces of paper most of us didn’t believe but pay close attention to what we are about to say next: they are real and they are being printed like crazy in Vegas! Whether it is for food, shows, shops or hotels, coupons make your visit sweater! Many deals get even sweeter if you bring a bunch of people in so gather around and make the system your friend.

Vegas is widely known for great shows featuring stars or their impersonators and there are also coupons for 50% off for the tickets and those are truly special! For example, shows like The Mentalist or the Beatleshow offer special deals such as 2 for 1 which is a bargain, to be honest! If you are lucky or persistent, you might catch a deal at 90% off! How lucky do you feel?

Vegas is also known for those great buffets but they don’t come cheap. Unless you have a coupon! From Monday to Friday, Smoked Burgers & BBQ offer a 37% off for two, and Primeburger takes it up to 40%. Discounts and deals keep rising to the stars!

What you can save the most money on are activities! Up to 70% off for Rio Zipline Ride Package or 60% off for Las Vegas ATV Tours and that not all! Every day the deals are changing and free stuff is all around. You can plan your vacation with the third of your previous budget just by staying in the right lane and the only right lane is the one you need coupons for.

They say gambling in Vegas can get you addicted to but there is even something more dangerous! Saving money on food, shows, and activities without loosing on quality beats every gambling game because you never lose!