Toronto, the City That Never Sleeps

Many worldwide cities are known for not only exceptional culture and amazing sightseeing regions but also for a couple of phrases. For example, we all know which one is the windy city or the city of lights but recently things seem to be shifting a little bit. We all used to think there is only one city that never sleeps but sleeping seems so overrated these days. This is why many megacities can relate to this phrase and the next one on that list is Toronto.

The largest city in Canada, Toronto is getting more popular with people all ages but what is interesting is that high-rise buildings placed in a perfect order attract more youth ready to party than ever before. Why is this happening and why now who knows but we decided to take this thing seriously and investigate in person.

As soon as we landed in Toronto there was a special vibe going on. Not sure how to explain it but even though we were tired and jetlagged we felt energized. Canadians are known to be friendly and welcoming so we immediately found some company which just made our visit even more pleasant. You must admit, knowing where you are going and why it is helpful while on vacation. As you all know, no party can begin unless you are well fed. And the food isn’t lacking great taste and quantity! Delicious warm bagels with bacon warm your body and soul and the streets seem to smell like this all the time! Roasted meat is to die for and you can try it anywhere you want!

After you are rested and well-fed the party can begin! Nowadays in Toronto, there are not just clubs that work overnight but there are places that work all day as well! Imagine that, having to party and dance whenever you feel like it! Bars that are kept by locals for years are a great warm-up and Toronto Party Bus is the one event you just can not miss! It is a great opportunity for both party and go around the city safely! It is one of the best attractions and it has become so difficult to even book your ride.

As we went deeper and further into our experience we became to realize why Toronto is also one of the cities that never sleeps. Who has time for it when penthouse clubs are waiting or when party busses are going around all night and day? Honestly, we can’t remember when we had more fun in a couple of days. It all happens fast and you should be well-rested for it but once you step on the treadmill it is hard to get off!