Zanzibar Holidays Tips

A lot of people think of Zanzibar as a romantic or honeymoon place, but it is the best place for solo travellers and backpackers too! Here are some of the holidays to Zanzibar tips and tricks:

Best time to visit

June to October is generally an excellent time to visit when it is cooler and dry. January and February are also best when it is dry and hot. So book Flights to Zanzibar now.

March to May views the long rains. November and December have little rains. The little rains are not so bad and there will be sun, but it does get extremely humid and you need to be prepared to spend some time sheltering indoors. On the pulse side, you can generally get the best deals on hotels in the low season.


During Ramada quite a few of the hotels and restaurants in Stone Town shut down full day and some near all together, but you will be capable to find food. Most of the beach resorts will run as normal,

anyway, you must observe Ramadan etiquette everywhere else. You should not eat, drink or smoke on the streets and women’s should keep covered.


You can fly into Zanzibar from local airports, including Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Kilimanjaro and the airstrips in the national parks. There are also a big number of international airlines that fly to Zanzibar, generally through the Middle East, Europe or elsewhere in Africa. Include, Etihad Airways, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, Mango Airlines, and Qatar Airways. From Dar es Salaam, the journey takes approximately twenty minutes.

What to wear

Zanzibar is a predominately Muslim area, so ladies should keep cleavage, shoulders, and legs covered when walking around Stone Town and in villages especially. Men should not walk around shirtless.

People are extremely used to visitors these days, so you would not lynch-mobbed if you show little shoulder, but it is still seen as best to cover up.

On beaches and the hotels outside of Stone Town, it is best to dress how you love. Anyway, if there are seaweed farmers or fishermen working on the beach, it is also polite to cover up.


Dorms cost between $15 -$30 per night and generally affordable in Stone Town than on the places. Privates generally begin from around $50, but if you look around you can generally find affordable choices – try homestays, little local guesthouses that are not on booking places and Airbnb or move further inland.

Should you book your holiday package with a travel agent, or do it yourself online?

It is always advisable to book your holiday package in advance of your choice to confirm your travel reservations. Find and compare cheap flight & holiday packages in Zanzibar online. You can often save some money if you have a bit of flexibility.


Transport is a difficult one as it depends on a lot of factors and again, this truly depends on how much you move around and how you travel.

If you take domestic transport, you are probably taking approximately $20 or less for a 2 week trip. If you take share taxis, or you are traveling in a group or your negotiation expertise are very professional, you will likely spend $40 to $80. But if you are traveling alone and take simple taxis, you could be spending 140$.