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Brilliantly Literary Hotels for Book Readers

Brilliantly Literary Hotels for Book Readers. Books have always been part of a trip. Books serve as one’s saving grace when waiting in line in the airport, or while flying long distances. For someone who loves literature, to find a hotel that features book is such a delight. For a travelling book reader, a hotel with a literary theme could add to the best parts of the trip. If you are a touring bookworm, here are the hotels that satisfy your love for literature:

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Walking Tours Around the World

Walking tours, as the name suggests, is a kind of tour where the participants explore the sights by foot. Walking tours are usually facilitated by tour guides, and could be focused on introducing the region’s top tourist attractions or hiking popular open spaces and natural landmarks.

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South Downs, England

Europe’s fresh and young fields are so wide that there is always room for a new adventure playground, the South Downs National Park, for example. Having started its operation in 2011, the park’s landscapes cover a 1,600km2 area of secret gems and breathtaking sights, accentuated with luxuriant greenery and rare wildlife.

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Northumberland, England

United Kingdom’s endless and most-stunning coastlines dominate Northumberland, a quaint rural county sitting in the North East England. The natural attributes here is balanced with low, lush mountains and rolling hills picturesque scenery that allows you to get lost and enjoy the rural sanctuary.

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North York Moors, England

One of Britain’s best-kept secrets is North York Moors known for its vibrant heather, mild beaches and stunning sea cliffs. North York Shire is the proud home of North York Moors National Park which occupies about 554 sq miles of the entire region.

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The Broads, England

In the east side of England is where The Broads is found, sitting nicely in beautiful counties Norfolk and Suffolk. Best known for its natural scenery and tranquil surrounds, what makes The Broads a famous tourist spot is its majestic bodies of water very much ideal for a boating holiday. Named as Britain’s largest protected wetland, The Broads promises its visitors an experience no other destination can match.

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The Peak District, England

Peak District nicely sits along the northern Derbyshire across the far south hills of Pennines. This attraction is also popular by the name The Peaks, but no one knows exactly why this glorious England treasure got such a name--the landscape is a picture of thick moorland, lush hills and valleys, and sparkling bodies of water, but one of the Peak District facts is that this region has no peaks at all.

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Yorkshire Dales, England

Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales is a land of contrasting features—it can be serene and tranquil and at the same time wild and upbeat. Home to remarkable sceneries and rich cultural heritage, the region is known for the assemblage of the finest limestone found only on this side of England. The serene villages are defined by the blooming fields of hay meadows and rich farming soil.

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Oulanka National Park, Finland

Oulanka National Park

If you happen to visit Finland, do not dare miss one of the country’s most talked about park, the Oulanka National Park found in the boarders of Kuusamo county and Salla county. The stunning scenery is defined by the region’s foggy forests, smooth-flowing rapids, and rare wildlife all enough to convince you why you should go and see it and wallow in its beauty for a little while.

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Where You Should Spend This Year’s Halloween ?

Halloween Snowmass Village, Colorado

Halloween is one of the most anticipated events in the US. It is the time of the year when kids and adults alike wear their best costumes, may it be a scary headless man or a dashing superhero. Kids are overwhelmed with the treats they receive from one house to the next, while the grown-ups indulge in music, food and drinks alongside the Halloween concert staged in every corner.

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