Ohrid, Macedonia

The best tourist destination in Macedonia and one of the best on the Balkans, Ohrid is a city located on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid in the Republic of Macedonia. Ohrid is the leading tourist attraction in Macedonia.

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Ukraine is a beautiful country situated in the Eastern Europe and bordering the black sea to the Northwest, Belarus to the north Russia to the east and Poland to the North West. Its Capital city is known as Kiev.

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Rome, Italy

Situated in the central western part of Italy, Rome is in the middle of a scenic terrain where it lies surrounded by seven hills. The stunning scenery is one of the reasons why this place is frequented by travelers coming from all over the world.

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Venice, Italy


With history of more than 1500 years old, Venice is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. This city in Italy has 117 island and numerous canals, ancient Gothic architecture and ancient monuments.

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North Cyprus

One of the best uncrowded destination in the southern part of Europe is North Cyprus. This is still like that because of the sanctions for international isolation this island had. That's why not so many tourist visit it, which makes it a perfect getaway.

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