Central America

Central America, Fozia, North America

Exploring Cuba Off The Beaten Track

Thinking of your trip to Cuba but wanting more than just the usual shopping and beaches this year? There are many fun places to stop and take in all that the country has to offer, but why not try the more remote areas, from viewing the unique flora to going for a horseback ride down to the beach or going spelunking into the natural caves to view the underground beauty native to this region?

Central America, Fozia

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean nation and a member of the British Commonwealth nations. The island is located around the Central American region. Saint Lucia shares coastal shores with the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea both at opposite sides of the island.

Central America, Fozia

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a nation made of two different and close islands. They are located in the Caribbean region, and they neighbor Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago. The culture of the people of this island nation is a blend of the English and French cultures.

Central America, Fozia

Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy or Saint Barths is a Caribbean island, which is a territory of France. It is a member of the Leeward group of islands of the Caribbean. Saint Barthelemy Island is popular for its beautiful, vibrant beaches, applauding landscape features, gorgeous restaurants and hotels, and shopping centers with top-notch designer items to purchase.

Central America, Fozia

French Guiana

French Guiana is a provincial territory of France. It is located at the Amazon region of South America, and it neighbors Brazil and Suriname. Despite its extensive distance between France and its location in South America, French Guiana is easily accessible by airplane from its governing superior, France. French Guiana has a good selection of hotels to choose from to provide accommodation.

Central America, Fozia


Dominica is an island that faces the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on both of its opposite sides. Dominica is a member of the Lesser Antilles group of islands. It is popular for its mountainous landscape, its wide variety of flora and fauna species, its extensive and vibrant beaches, and a variety of natural features that beautify the island from the mainland to the coastline.

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