Few reasons to choose Lisbon vacation

If you have decided to spend your vacation in a peaceful place, Lisbon of Portugal is the right choice for you. Whether you are there on your special all-inclusive one-week package or just for a few nights, you will never regret your decision.

Portugal is one of the most westerly countries on the European mainland, your flight destination will be Lisbon Airport which is the capital, sitting on the famous river Tagus.


The mix of new and old Lisbon may appeal to all generations. Lisbon vacation is best because of a couple of reasons:


In Lisbon, you may enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate. This is one of the mildest climates of Europe summer while the other places are dry and warm in summer.


Lisbon is gaining a reputation as one of the trendiest cities in Europe. There are Spaniards, Brits and Italians who flock to soak up in the rich nightlife. The happing places are very close to Lisbon Airport, so people from other parts of Portugal or Europe often visit this place to enjoy the serene beauty. The city caters to different offerings from hip-hop to jazz to electronica. The best concerts venues are located at Atlantic Pavilion and Coliseu dos Recreios.


When it is Lisbon, you can not ignore the history part, the city of seven hills. Lisbon has more than 20 centuries of history to its name. Its strong cultural heritage and the stunning architecture displayed throughout the city makes it a perfect choice for your next travel destination.


Make sure to catch the new works of Brueghel or Tiepolo at the Medeiros E Almeida Museum. You can soak in all the rare and exotic vegetations at its Tropical Gardens. For the real treat, you want to head down to the Rossion Square of the Sao Carlos Theatre. You can also visit the aqueducts. These places don’t have any entry fees. With so much history in its bag, Lisbon is one of the best beautiful places to visit. The oldest part is the Alfama district. It has many restaurants and the famous Lisbon cathedral.


The best part is, you can get the car hire from the airport to visit different places or to reach your dream hotel. Being the capital of Portugal, this place is quite expensive, but you may a budget-friendly package also for you at the airport, because the city has only one airport. You can also opt for the Cascais, which the locals use. This is one of the cheapest options here to explore the city.

When you are in Lisbon, you cannot ignore the food that is centred mainly on fish but there are different meat dishes also like the piglet sandwiches.  You may taste also the Portuguese pastry and the fortified port wine. 

Apart from the Porto wine, Porto offers the stock exchange palace and so many traditional bars or restaurants in several narrow streets that are located close to the waterfront. Lisbon is a city that has modernity and ancient beauty both.