Tropical Paradise of Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo is a small Pacific coastal town in Costa Rica where people are friendly and call everybody by their names. It is nestled along Guanacaste region’s Nicoya Peninsula, with its citizens mostly involved in fishing. Besides the native wildlife and lush flora, tourists can get to see a few boats at the bay. This beach town was accidentally discovered by some curious surfers in the 1970s. Also are present Costa Rica Vacation Rentals to provide cozy accommodation to tourists arriving here.

Surfing destination

Tamarindo got highlighted on the international map with the surf movie “Endless Summer II” released in 1994. This movie managed to create keen interest among nature lovers and surfing nomads to visit this idyllic spot, a favorite among filmmakers. Very soon, this small, sleepy fishing town evolved into a popular, bustling beach hub and offers fabulous Tamarindo Vacation Rentals. It can be presently stated to be a real tropical paradise.

Beach vacations

The beach filled with golden sand stretches over two miles from Tamarindo estuary’s mouth to a volcanic rock formation separating it from Playa Langosta. Lined with palm trees, this beach can be rightly termed to be of postcard quality. It is well-known for its turquoise, pristine blue waters. It manages to draw yogis, sunbathers, surfers of different levels, soccer players and beach volleyball players. It is indeed a fabulous place to be for those who seek an active lifestyle. Costa Rica Vacation Rentals ensure their guests get fully relaxed to explore the town.

Shopping & eateries

The main road that separates the town from the beach is lined with beachfront hotels, bars, restaurants, souvenir stores and yogi studios. You can also come across day spas, fish pedicure shop, real estate offices and lots of surf shops. You can get guidance from the knowledgeable staffs at the Tamarindo Vacation Rentals on where to shop for discounted items.


Besides the world-class surf and paradise type atmosphere, Tamarindo had managed to get international attention in 2004 due to its location. It is counted amount the world’s top 5 ‘Blue Zones’. These demarcated areas are stated to promote good health and help people to reach 100 years of age easily. This is what makes people from all walks of life from across the globe to seek Costa Rica Vacation Rentals. Some even prefer to make it their retirement paradise.

Nicoyan waters are known to have very high calcium content that strengthens the bones and reduces heart disease rates. Moreover, people here have chosen a diet that includes maize, beans and rice. They consume very less processed food. Even the abundant of fruits available here are high in antioxidants. Thus, people are said to consume less calories, thereby leading good health.


Tamarindo experiences the driest and warmest climates while it’s surrounding regions enjoys direct sunlight almost throughout the year. Even annual temperatures are consistent, fluctuating between 80 and 95 Fahrenheit. Rainy season occurs between the months of May and October. But still there is sunshine.

It is for the above reasons that Tamarindo has become a popular beach town and a paradise for all tourists. Moreover, you can book affordable Tamarindo Vacation Rentals without much hassle.