Tamed South America: 5 Cities You Must Explore

That long-awaited time of the year has come. Your vacation is just around the corner so you are pulling out old maps and researching blogs to help you decide where to go. Still clueless? Well, we will dare to give you some advice based on our own experience. A land far away protected by impenetrable jungles and archaic tribes holds priceless treasures. Tamed South America has been a must-go destination for years. It is said that even a lifetime is not enough to discover all the secrets rainforests and cities are hiding. But, what you can do is to start. Arm yourself with courage and patience, book your dream vacation and float into the adventure of your life by visiting these 5 cities.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Home of gorgeous people, music on the streets, and delicious food, Rio de Janeiro is an unavoidable city if you are planning a trip to South America. Beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema are what this city is known for. The vibrant atmosphere is catching on like the fever in the winter season and you can’t help but dance to the sound of samba and mambo. The spectrum of tastes is out of this world when it comes to food and the architecture is left untouched. Rio de Janeiro has so many stories to tell if you are willing to listen and let go.

  1. Lima, Peru

All you need to know about the capital city of Peru is that you have to visit it. It is so challenging to use words to describe its historical background and heavenly ecosystem. Lima is a city in the desert and as such doesn’t have a lot of rain that could ruin your trip. Instead, you can enjoy the gentle sun softly touching your skin while you are sipping wine on the golden beach. The gastronomy in this city can actually be the strongest reason to make you want to stay here forever and forget about the reality back home!

  1. Cartagena, Colombia

We only have one word for Cartagena-charming. It takes you back in time with each step you take. Riding on a horse-drawn carriage is the time machine you were looking for all these years and once you step on it, it is so hard to get off. This colorful city is painted by the hand of some higher force because nothing can look like this and be made by humans. As the sun starts to come down, the place comes alive. Nightlife in Cartagena is famous, and it is impossible not to learn how to dance Latina dances after you return from your vacation!

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you like going to bed early, avoid going to Buenos Aires. In this city, the only thing you can do late at night eats and drink since this place doesn’t sleep! The experience of dining out is enriched by tango shows that almost every restaurant hosts. Locals are so warm and friendly that if you happen to get lost, you will still feel at home. Open your heart to Argentina and it would be like you never left her!

  1. Maya and Aztec pyramids

This is more of an area than a city, but we just couldn’t afford to leave it out! The most exciting history of this place lies inside these tubes. Locals fear and respect it and many tourists visit it daily. These structures were built to please the gods and now they are a reminder of some difficult times.

To be honest, it was almost impossible to pick only 5 places to recommend you to visit, but it is a good way to start. Once you get a taste of Latin America, you will be craving it for the rest of your life!