How to Find the Best Coworking spaces in Bali

Are you looking for the best coworking spaces while in Bali? I’m sure you are. The island of the Gods has been a hot spot for digital nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs for years now. The sun, sea, sand and cheap wifi have attracted thousands of people trying to escape the 9-5 rat race.

You can’t step outside your house without running into 5 other freelancers or remote workers right now.

Bali’s coworking scene is booming. You can find high-speed internet, comfy couches, good coffee, and even some networking events in hundreds of spaces across the island. While the last 10 years has seen a rapid rise of coworking spaces in Bali, they are not all created equal. Some coworking spaces are much better than others. So, how do you choose the one that’s best for you? Well, we’ll talk about that in this post. And here you go!

  1. Make a list of coworking spaces in Bali

The first thing you want to do is create a list of all the coworking spaces in Bali. You can easily do this by doing a Google search on the best coworking spaces in Bali, or ask your friends that have been to Bali before and get their recommendations. You can also ask the locals. They are going to know the best places and give you an unbiased review.

Another way to find the best coworking spaces in Bali is to check out, which is essentially like TripAdvisor for remote workers and digital nomads.

Be sure to read reviews on Google for all the coworking spaces before shortlisting the best ones. This will be a great starting point and you can weed out spaces that don’t look so great from the start.

  1. Compare the top 3 places that you think are the best coworking spaces in Bali

Next step is to go through each of your recommendations and try to narrow down your list of potential places. You can do this by comparing different features, including:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Facilities and amenities offered
  • Crowds
  • Design and atmosphere
  • Internet speed test
  • Noise level and sound quality (if you want to record a podcast or make video calls from the place).

  1. Create a scorecard for all your options

Create a scorecard for each of your options, so it’s easy for you to compare them, and choose the one that’s the best option for you. Here are some things to consider when creating your scorecard:

  • What kind of amenities does this place have? (Pool, air conditioning, laundry services, gym)
  • Do they have good Wifi?
  • How far is it from where you’re staying at?
  • How much does it cost per day? Per week? Per month?

  1. Visit the coworking spaces in person

Finally, visit the coworking space to have the first-hand experience before signing up. Don’t rely on photos, instead visit the spaces you’re considering. This will allow you to assess whether it’s a good fit for your needs (internet speed, desks available etc.) and also give you a sense of whether it’s somewhere that feels welcoming.

Generally, coworking in Bali can be the most enjoyable experience provided you find the best coworking space to work from as you enjoy the finest things that this beautiful place has in store for people like you.