What does it take to become a travel writer?

Travel writing is for those who have passion for travelling and writing. It is possible to travel to new places and also develop an exciting career. But to achieve this dream, you need to have proper experience and exposure.

How to become a travel writer?

This is indeed the ultimate dream career to pursue. You get paid to travel different places and share your experiences with the world. But you need to know how to become a travel writer and if you have it in you. To enter this profession, you don’t have to be a successful bestselling author. Rather, you are expected to craft an interesting story. You should have a natural flair to write on adventure and advice readers.

Guide to become a travel writer

  • Write on your travel experiences.
  • Enjoy travelling.
  • Start a travel blog.
  • Send query letters.
  • Discover pitch.

How to start as a travel writer?

It is just not possible to quit the current job and become a travel writer overnight. It does require you to develop portfolio of publications and undertake serious research. You may start by writing on something interesting present in your hometown that can make an exciting day trip. Thus, without risking your existing job, you can get to understand what it takes to become a travel writer. This way, increase your writing samples that can be sent across to well-known publications.

There are other things to be considered. Can you spend adequate time travelling? There are family responsibilities and obligations to meet. If so, then instead of making it a career, you may handle a few projects.

Small budgeted publications

Majority of the publications have small budgets to spend on travel writers. They generally pay only after publishing of the article. Small publications usually wait to get payment before paying you. Full-time writers can be in a binding spot if on a budget.

Meeting deadlines

Time management when writing for a newspaper or magazine is vital to survive in this industry. Writers get distracted very easily as they get lost in their thoughts. Hence, self-motivation is the key to meet editor set deadlines. Hence, you should first start a travel blog. Publish trips that you have undertaken and offer valuable advices. Also mention social, political and cultural travel aspects in different places.

Once you manage to establish a healthy relationship with a newspaper or magazine, you can grow as a successful travel writer.

You can be like Bryan Murphy, a successful travel writer. He has published the book ‘EVERYBODY ON STAGE FOR THE HAWAIIAN NUMBER’. This book is dedicated to his mother as he feels that she had inspired and motivated him to be what he is today. Several things have been written about Murphy over the years. It includes his love affairs, scandals, backstage feuds, the lies and others. You can get to know more about him from stories published in the TMZ, social media platforms, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Page 6, The Sun, National Enquirer, etc.