Travel tips to Exuma Cays in the Bahamas

Exuma Cays form an important tourist spot and comprise over 365 cays & islands covering an area of 176 miles. You are sure to find here sapphire blue waters and endless white-sand beaches. You can visit a reputed agency to book the safest Bahamas charter flights for the trip.

What to do at The Exuma Cays?

The Exumas is regarded to be among the world’s most romantic destinations to be. This place easily rivals other exotic destinations. It is popular for its gin blue waters that derive its name after tasty spirit gin’s turquoise hue. It is also home to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, and Tyler Perry. The snow-white sands combined with turquoise waters are what make Exuma Bahamas’ a paradise. It is for this reason movies like ‘James Bond’, ‘Into the Blue’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ have been shot here.

Where to visit?

You may choose to visit the following places here.

  • Staniel Cay Yacht Club: You should visit this club as it is considered to be a meeting place for everyone in the Exumas. Established during the 1960s, it has been attracting the rich, powerful as well as celebrities. It offers that amazing island vibe along with a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.
  • Staniel Cay Exumas: Staniel Cay is another Exuma Island that should be part of your trip besides the Great Exuma Bahamas. It is home to over 100 people. You may book your stay at The Yacht Club and Embrace Resort or one of the apartment rentals constructed here.
  • Staniel Cay & James Bond: The crew & Cast of the movie ‘Thunderball’ of James Bond fame had spent several nights here in 1964. They cracked conch and ordered a local beer (Kalik) at the bar. Sean Connery as well as other celebrities visited this place in later years. You can find photos of the popular movie along with other movies shot here. All major Exumas attractions from Staniel Cay are quite close and can be visited by hiring a boat.

  • Thunderball Grotto: It boasts of the popular underwater scenes shot for James Bond’s ‘Thunderball’ movie. You may swim across the caves during low tide to enter a mesmerizing cave right in the midst of the unassuming island. With the sun shining bright, the corals and rocks get lit up. The Grotto’s opening appears similar to a giant fishbowl.
  • Nurse Sharks: You can swim along with the sharks at Compass Cay to derive a grand experience. These creatures are considered to be intelligent and gentle.
  • Pig Beach: You should visit Major Cay to find a group of pigs moving around in the woods and enjoy their daily swim in the sea. You can feed them with cabbage and lure them to swim with you.
  • Exumas Regatta: You may plan your visit during the annual regatta. There are held fishing derbies, regattas, and festivals throughout the year. The Bahamians love to spend their time in such festivities.