Why should you visit Miami?

Miami is a World-famous destination, by any standards. For decades, people have been making songs, movies, and television shows about Miami, and scores of celebrities call the Magic City home. But what, exactly, is the allure? Why Miami?

For starters, the weather can’t be beaten! With over 200 sunny days a year, Miami’s weather is perfect for enjoying not just its miles and miles of white sandy beaches, but also the city’s many parks, open-air shopping areas, and other outdoor attractions. The perfect companion to those sunny days, Miami’s sophisticated waterway system makes it a boater’s dream as well. Whether you are looking for a deep-sea fishing expedition, a high-speed thriller boat, a leisurely sunset cruise, or just a quick paddle in a canoe, you have easy access to all those options from nearly anywhere in Miami.

Great weather and gorgeous beaches are not Miami’s only selling point. Its coastal location also makes it a hub for international travel, shipping, and finance. Miami is home to the consulates and embassies of over 40 different countries. This international influence extends from business to the culture of Miami as well. You will find Caribbean, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Asian and African influences everywhere in the city. From Little Haiti to Little Havana, Miami’s cultural diversity is reflected, embraced, and celebrated at every turn.

The rich and diverse culture of Miami is probably best reflected in the city’s cuisine. Grab a cortadito and pastelito for breakfast, savor some griot for lunch and then treat yourself to a luxurious omakase experience for dinner. The city’s proximity to several South Florida farms and, of course, the ocean, make it a prime location for fresh, farm-to-table cuisine that draws some of the world’s greatest chefs. Internationally acclaimed chefs Jose Andres, Thomas Keller, and Joel Robuchon have all brought their Michelin-starred talents to Miami, drawing influence from the city’s cultural diversity and incorporating local flavors with their more traditional styles. Miami has also grown some of its own celebrity chefs. James Beard award winners Michelle Bernstein and Michael Schwartz have dominated Miami’s food scene for decades. Just like the city itself, they are constantly evolving and reinventing themselves to stay at the top of their game.

Art Deco Neon lit historic buildings, Ocean Drive, Miami South Beach, Florida

Speaking of games, let’s not forget that Miami is also a fantastic sports city! No matter if you prefer basketball, football, baseball or soccer, Miami has a team you can cheer for! The Miami Heat and the Miami Marlins both play their games within city limits, while the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Panthers and Inter Miami CF all play just a short drive away. If you’d rather root for your own home team, Miami’s melting-pot status means that most bars and restaurants will cater to out-of-town visitors and will show any and all games on a plethora of TVs.

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