Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts Known as a Popular Summer Colony              

Martha’s Vineyard (MV) is an island situated to the south of Cape Cod, on the southeastern part of Massachusetts State in the USA. This large island serves as a summer colony to rich Americans, due to the presence of several luxury hotels and resorts here. People can reach this island only by flights or boats from the mainland of America. It is a densely populated island and its population is increasing steadily in the last few decades.

You have to visit Oak Bluffs

This island was named after the daughter of Bartholomew Gosnold, the famous English explorer who was credited to discover Cape Cod. Now, Martha’s Vineyard is divided into 6 towns for administrative benefits. Oak Bluffs is the most prominent town on this island due to several reasons. It houses the seasonal port of this island, apart from the main port at Tisbury town. Gingerbread cottages are also the points of attraction in this lively town of Oak Bluffs, which has earned a great reputation for its admirable nightlife for local citizens and tourists. Hence, it was earlier known as Cottage City till renamed in 1907.

The rare type of climate is another reason for the popularity of MV among tourists from other parts of the USA. Some common climatic features of the oceanic climate, humid continental climate, and humid subtropical climate have made this island comfortable throughout the year than the rest of the country. The summer is cooler while winter is warmer here than all other parts of the USA and adjoining countries, due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding this island. The moderate temperature of this land helps tourists to enjoy various thrilling water activities and vibrant nightlife.

Since MV is located at a distance of 7 miles from the southern part of Cape Cod, tourists can avail themselves of the ferry services from Woods Hole, Falmouth, Quonset Point, and other ports in Massachusetts. Several ferry and cruise authorities run boat trips to this island from the nearby ports. Ferries are also available from New York City, which leaves the port on Friday afternoon and returns from MV on Sunday night.

Flights are available from various US cities, like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington to Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Cape Air, American Airlines, JetBlue, and Delta Connection are the airlines that operate regular flights from these US cities to Martha’s Vineyard. Private planes can also land in Katama Airpark that holds grass runways for safe landing of flights.

Tourists can move around the six towns of Martha’s Vineyard by buses run by Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority. Hence, this island serves as a popular tourist spot where lots of Americans prefer to spend their summer vacations. Numerous celebrities visit here every year to spend cozy time with their families. It is known that ex-President Bill Clinton also often spent many vacations here with his wife and daughter. However, common people can also find boutique hotels and inns at cheaper costs, to enjoy the beautiful weather of Martha’s Vineyard, mainly during the weekends of summer.