Keyflight review – Is it the best fake plane ticket website?

The demand for fake tickets is increasing and people fool no more.  They don’t need a real ticket to present in order to obtain a visa application. and this where demand is heading over keyflight and other sites. But is Keyflight is the best? This is what we are going to address in this article. 

Keyflight design  – Is it easy to use?

Design is the most important part of the website. And Keyflight is not comfortable at all compared to other sites in the niche. There are many details to enter and the design is poorly made. It looks like a website from the eighties. So it’s definitely not our picks when it comes to design. Also, their tickets are very simple and do not look professional.

You can see that there is no thought in their tickets and it’s double will be accepted by airports o visa applications programs.  So if keyflight team read this. Change design. Ok? 

We give KeyFlight 3/10 on design score

Keyflight  price 

Pricing plays a huge factor as well when we choose which site we want to order from. There are plenty of sites out there with a high price tag such as Visareservation that charge over $50 for a ticket. On Keyflight is not the case they provide a relatively good price for a fake ticket only $14.99 for one way for 1 person. Many people from Dubai and India value their money and want to get the best rate and Keyflight is the favorite of many of these countries.  Keep in mind that it can be very costly if you choose a couple of passengers and you have to pay another $14.99 for every passenger. If you order for your whole family the price will be high. If you are 3 family members the price will be 3x. 

We give Keyflight 5/10 on pricing score


Keyflight delivers the flight ticket and that’s it basically. There are no other functions there like Fake hotel tickets and knowledge about other stuff. So if you are just looking for a flight ticket this website may be for you but if you want more in terms of functions, pricing and comfort there We give Keyflight 5/10 on pricing score are far superior websites to Keyflight. 

Sum up

Keyflight is not bad but is not too good. There are far worse websites to order from on the niche and we give Keyflight a total of 15 scores. Many people use keyflight and enjoy the benefits of it whether they want visa application or proof of onward this website definitely helps many people around the world. However, is not the best in the world for the above reasons – Pricing, functions, design, and reliability. 

The alternative

Finally, to the moment you are waiting for. Which fake flight ticket website is the best of all of them? The answer is Trixo

Trixo provides high-end fake flight ticket tools and also hotel tickets.

The design of the ticket is outstanding and you can’t go wrong with it.

Just for $10 you can get a ticket with an unlimited number of passengers and it is very well made. This is our favorite. You can also play with their fake hotel ticket tool and simply enjoy the website and use it whenever you want for whatever reason you may have. 

If you are looking for a lifetime membership they also have it