Civil Unrest-Travel Planning Tips To Stay Safe

The last year was an eye-opener for Americans as the pandemic and riots proved that this isn’t the safest country in the world. You are vulnerable anywhere because civil unrest can strike anywhere and at any time. Life can be harder on journalists and business travelers who have to travel even to such dangerous places. There are thrill-seekers too, who want to visit these areas only for the experience. But it makes sense to plan for safety first because a few precautions can make the trip safe and stress-free. Let us share some travel planning tips you should follow amid the era of civil unrest.

Find the facts

If a visit to a dangerous area is on the cards, find the facts before you embark. You must take extra precautions even when times are peaceful. Researching recent events is a good idea. Also, check the dangerous areas at the destination because you can avoid them altogether. Note down the emergency contact numbers so that you can get help if needed. All fifty states allow civilians to carry and wear body Armor for protection, as long as they are not convicted for a felony. Go through the rules once, and be sure that you carry the vest along. If things are not safe right now, you may even consider postponing the trip if possible.

Mental preparation is essential

Civil unrest is a dangerous situation, and it can stress anyone out. If you still have to travel to an affected area, mental preparation is essential. Knowing the facts puts you in a good place, but you must carry your presence of mind. It will enable you to smell peril even if things look calm on the surface. Also, you must train your mind to stay calm in challenging situations. Panic and anxiety can easily fog your brain and drive wrong decisions. If you get into trouble at any point, try to get out and reach a safe spot. Avoid tricky situations and dangerous areas in the first place.

Pack for safety

Journalists and business travelers cannot be selective about their destinations because they travel for work. If you do it often, you will have to be in a dangerous city more than once. It makes sense to modify your packing checklist and include safety essentials in it. Investing in a bulletproof vest is a good idea as you may have to use it more often than not. You can pick an engarde body armor to feel safe and confident, even when traveling to a riot-prone area. If you already own one, inspect it often to ensure it offers the desired levels of protection against bullets and sharp weapons. You can also pack pepper sprays for extra safety, but common sense is perhaps the most important safety essential to carry along.

Traveling to a burning city is not a favorable choice for anyone, but you may have to do it if your professional responsibilities demand it. The best thing you can do is be prepared and take the required safety precautions at all times.