Black Forest – The Perfect Holiday Destination

Germany has a lot to offer to the outdoor enthusiast and if you are one amongst them then do keep Black forest in the list. It is located at Baden-Baden, Wurttemberg and offers stunning scenery that includes beautiful forests, rolling hills, lakes, rivers, and valleys. While most people prefers Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, in their holiday list, but when you are looking for a perfect family holiday destination Black Forest has a lot to offer.

Before you go there it’s better to plan out everything so that you can enjoy every place at its best. The picturesque villages and historic town in the southwest corner of Germany has a lot of things that will make every member of a family enjoy it! This place is full of culture too as many poets and writers have chosen this place for getting inspiration for their writings.

Enjoy different season in Black forest

The region of Black Forest has peaceful countryside that will give you a relaxing walk. You will find that time is slowing down to let you enjoy the vineyards, farmhouses, and charming villages. There are different towns where you can enjoy a subtle life full of natural beauty. You will get a tourist office in every town who will inform you about every detail about the destination.

In Black Forest the highest peak is 1,493m Feldberg Mountain. People go there to enjoy the panoramic view. You too can reach the summit either by taking the cable car or just by walking. At the top there is Feldberg Tower that is the best location to enjoy the view. For those who love water sports, Lake Titisee is worth visiting. You can enjoy kayaking, canoeing and other water sports with your family there.

It’s all about spring and summer. During winter too Black Forest is a great destination. It is well known for cross-country skiing. The first skiing club was founded in Feldberg and now there are different routes. Every route has resting rooms where you can rest while skiing. You can also enjoy snowshoe walking in the region during winters.

Top places to eat in the Black Forest

When you visit a place you can enjoy it more once you start enjoying its cuisine. Baden-Wurttemberg has a cuisine that you will remember forever once you taste it. Schwarzwaldstube will let you enjoy the big forest view while you taste the food served by their Chef. Located at the village of Tonbach this restaurant will mesmerize you once you visit Freudenstadt .

There are other Michelin Star restaurants in the region that offers different platter that savors taste buds. Another Michelin star restaurant in the Black forest region is Nigrum where you can enjoy Salmon confit with octopus. The list is too large, once you are there you can start exploring.

Getting there

The best way to explore Black forest Region is by Car. This way you can enjoy its rustic beauty at its best. Stuttgart is the nearest airport. From there too you can hire a car and carry on with your journey.